UK has new chief conductor

Watch the Times Christmas card here.

Suddenly, an orchestra has become a metaphor again. For something or other.

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  • This makes me imagine that SD contributors are like an orchestra.

    Some blow their own trumpet, some bang their drum, some harp on and on, some blast their horn or toot their flute and there is the odd buffoon (sorry bassoon) whilst others string along.

    Meanwhile, some want to conduct proceedings or compose large works.

    Anyway, it is usually an interesting, engaging performance, we all manage to get along and somehow it works!

    Happy Christmas and a very happy New year to Norman, his helpers and all SD contributors and readers.

  • What’s the difference between a bull and an orchestra?
    With a bull the horns are at the front and the arsehole’s at the back.

  • To be an effective conductor one needs a rare combination of extraordinary abilities. Great conductors can make a tremendous difference.

    Sadly, the screening process has too much room for improvement. Charlatans can go quite far, sometimes.

  • Thought it about time someone mentioned the election. Brexit to be delivered soon, and five years of a Conservative government. Deo Gratias! He is the Greatest Conductor of all.

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