Strike has cost Paris Opéra $12 million so far

Strike has cost Paris Opéra $12 million so far


norman lebrecht

December 23, 2019

Stephane Lissner, director of the Opéra which has been closed by national pension strikes since December 5, estimated today that the box-office loss alone will amount to ‘at least’ 12 million Euros by the end of the month – and with no end in sight.

‘There will be consequences,’ he warned.


  • BP says:

    The Minister of Culture is hapless and powerless, delivering platitudes on TV and barely picking up the phone when Lissner and others call. No solution on the horizon, yet.

  • Tristan says:

    There will no doubt be serious financial repercussions on the next season and the following one as well. I can make a prediction here, that when next year Mr. Lissner announces cuts to productions and other activities, due to the tremendous losses in 2019 due to strike action, that you will then have another strike, this time of all employees of the opera, saying that the management is degrading the quality of the Opéra de Paris. France is a laughing stock, with a population of the most disconnected from reality citizens on the planet Earth.

  • Nancy says:

    Here is an excellent article, that appeared last week in the Los Angeles Times, that very accurately summarises the situation in France and explains, quite accurately in my opinion, why France is one of the saddest and most unhappy countries in the world.

    • CJ says:

      There she goes again….

    • Jakub says:

      Many articles have been written on the subject of how miserable the French are. My wife works in psychology ad recent statistics show that approximately 1 out of every 11-12 French people have attempted suicide in their life. That is one of the highest numbers in the developed world and points to the misery that reigns in their country. Here is another excellent article on this subject:

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      Oh, but Macron was supposed to be the newest, shiniest thing. He publicly laughed at Trump and the USA. Talk about projecting!!!

      • V. Lind says:

        My dear woman, nobody with an IQ of over two digits has not laughed at Trump. The man is a cartoon, except that they are generally created with more logic and coherence.

        The more compassionate among us do not laugh at the US –we pity it. Up to the point where they are the architects of their own fate. They will be forgiven for voting in Trump once — anyone can make a mistake. But now you have had a chance to look at what he is, and what he has done. If you vote him in again, get ready for the roars of laughter, without pity.

    • Saxon Broken says:

      Above are Americans offended by the success of France when it doesn’t adhere to the US economic model.

      Here are some facts. France has per-capita income, and productivity, around the same as the US (both much higher than Britain). It also has a much more equal society with ordinary people prepared to fight to defend it.

      Yes, France does have some problems, but it isn’t a basket-case.