South Bank dropout lands plum New York job

Madani Younis, who quit two months ago as artistic director of London’s stuffed-up South Bank, has been named chief executive producer of New York’s go-ahead Shed.

He will work there in tandem with the Shed’s chief executive and artistic director Alex Poots, former head of the Manchester International Festival.

In New York there are mutterings about Brits taking over the best arts jobs. In London, it’s hard to see anyone else on the over-subsidised South Bank crew who would make the shortlist of an international search.


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  • How could two “chiefs” work in tandem? Only one person can be the boss, ie., make the final decisions, whether they are artistic or administrative.

  • Sadly, Europeans continue to be given an edge. Can they really be presumed to be more cultured now than Americans? One less job for an American in the arts, while we cannot get hired abroad. When Indiana University hired Florence Sitruk, a German, instead of an American, the students fled the program, I heard.

    • “Can they really be presumed to be more cultured NOW than Americans?” Are you saying there was a point in history when Americans were presumed to be more cultured than Europeans in their own culture? Just wondering…

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