Salzburg buys a lock of Mozart’s hair

With a piety worthy of the Vatican, the Salzburg Mozarteum has announced the acquisition of a certified lock of Mozart’s saintly hair, among a collection of Mozart family artefacts.

(So he didn’t go bald, then.)

The collection was bought from descendants of Carl Wilhelm Doell, an engraver of coins and medals in Karlsruhe.

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  • I am sure there is some hair from Richard Wagner around as well, we could finish once for all the proplem ‘Isolde Beidler’.

  • Reminds me of walking into the Cologne Cathedral – and other Catholic icons – and finding housed there so-called ‘relics’ of the crucifixion.

    Mozart’s legacy is his music; all the rest is de-composition!

  • I didn’t know that Beethoven’s corpse was plucked bald thanks to this macabre habit.

    Interesting form of Voodoo.

    Not that I can characterize or stereotype the entire inhabitants of a city, but it doesn’t really prove that would what’s already history repeat itself, that thanks to the “powers that be,” it would be any different much. It rather points to the opposite, explaining the quotation marks.

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