Sad death of vibrant Czech virtuoso, 50

Sad death of vibrant Czech virtuoso, 50


norman lebrecht

December 31, 2019

Alena Wagner reports that her husband, Petr Wagner, died yesterday after a long illness.

Petr Wagner was a virtuoso viola da gamba player, a conductor and professor at Masaryk University.

Petr studied in London and The Hague. In 1998 he founded the Ensemble Tourbillon with which he toured and recorded extensively, specialising in the works of Couperin, Bach, Marais, Rebel, Purcell, Finger, Fischer and Handel.

Můj manžel, virtuos na violu da gamba, dirigent a pedagog Petr Wagner zemřel 30.12. 2019 po statečném boji s těžkou nemoci. Díky všem, kdo jste ho znali, za tichou vzpominku. / My husband, virtuoso of viola da gamba, conductor and pedagogue Petr Wagner died 30.12. 2019 after brave struggle with serious illness. Thanks everyone for silent memorial. Alena Wagner


  • Alma Regina says:


    Thanks for the recording – such beautiful and expressive playing!

  • Jory Vinikour says:

    Utterly horrible news. I am so sorry, and send condolences to Petr’s wife.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    At age 50 a great many people are only just coming to the peak of their careers; this is a very sad loss.

    Even though the life expectancy for males today is about 80 it is worthwhile remembering that as many people die on the younger side of that number as on the older in order to determine the average. It upsets me when they’re on the younger side!