Pianist, 27, is found dead in shower

Professor Yuri Bogdanov of the Gnesin Academy, has posted news of the death of his former student Elina Valiyeva. ‘Yesterday in Budapest my graduate, wonderful pianist and beautiful person Elina Valieva was tragically killed. My condolences to her mother.’

Early indications are that Elina, who was on a trip with her boyfriend, died in a hotel shower, possibly of a gas leak. Her boyfriend is in hospital. Police are investigating.

A recital was given last night in her memory in Moscow.

Elina, originally from Ufa, graduated from the Tchaikovsky Conservatoire in 2015. A teacher at the Alexandrov music school in Moscow, she was booked for an orchestral tour in Japan next March.

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  • This and the previous six items were all about deaths. As if the world isn’t a depressing enough place….. RIP to this young woman, and everybody else who has died recently, including the loved ones of everybody who follows this web-site.

    • This is indeed a very sad story. And I agree with your general sentiments. I have found myself thinking again and again over this holiday period of those three British people who died in the pool in Spain. But you are right. “Each man’s death diminishes me…”

  • How on earth could this happen in a shower? Mind you, seeing some of the potentially lethal showers I have used when travelling the world I can believe it. What a tragedy that a brilliant young life has been needlessly snuffed out due to the apparent negligence of others

    • I lived in Vienna for a time and one day I could smell gas on the ground floor of the apartment house. I contacted the landlady and within 48 hours the gas was disconnected and 2 weeks of terribly loud rectification work commenced. Loud drilling and cement dust nearly sent us crazy – but the alternative was worse; a nation of smokers in a area of gas leakage.

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