Peter Gelb is honoured by social scientists

Peter Gelb is honoured by social scientists


norman lebrecht

December 03, 2019

The National Institute of Social Sciences will honour the Metropolitan Opera General Manager at its annual New York dinner on Thursday.

Peter Gelb has a social conscience? He’s a secret scientist?

Whatever next?


  • Alexander says:

    he tries to keep americans close to culture. Any way to give them the opportunity to be members of that social group.
    it matters , I think 😉

  • V. Lind says:

    Gold Medal for Distinguished Service to Humanity…that’s quite a plaudit, being announced the same day your firm makes sexual harassment training compulsory because there has obviously been a problem or two…

  • Thomas Silverbörg says:

    Confused in Europe.

  • anon says:

    1) That National What? Never heard of it, and no wonder, it’s located in some abandoned warehouse in some God-forsaken corner of Brooklyn. See Google Map photo:!1s0x89c25aef44afffff:0xf396fa2ccd88ec50!3m1!7e115!4s/maps/place/National%2Binstitute%2Bof%2BSocial%2BSciences/@40.6636228,-73.9956802,3a,75y,27.77h,90t/data%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211smVqubYCgGsvGhEnmXJF47Q*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x89c25aef44afffff:0xf396fa2ccd88ec50?sa%3DX!5sNational+institute+of+Social+Sciences+-+Recherche+Google&imagekey=!1e2!2smVqubYCgGsvGhEnmXJF47Q&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiXn8OPq5nmAhWoAWMBHQVXBHgQpx8wC3oECA8QBg

    2) Well, obviously the members of the “National Institute of Social Sciences” (whatever the heck it is) are angling for free opera tickets to the Met. A chance for a day trip to Manhattan.

    • Alexander says:

      so what is wrong with the paragraph 2 in your mini -essay? those guys just want to get some freebies 😉 … you never heard of them ? that’s because they are in the group with different social identification 😉 if you wanna join them I can hold your beer 😉

  • Francesca says:

    Is it his 30 pieces of silver for the betrayal of Placido Domingo?

  • Save the MET says:

    The name Peter Gelb and the word science of any sort is an oxymoron. A bumbler who has managed to earn $2.0 million a year while his people are reviled by him and his gimmick productions are costing the Metropolitan Opera millions and not getting a return on their investment. They fund raise around him as he’s not very good at it and their current financials as reported by the paper show it.

    1. Yale drop-out. Spent one semester there. (Amusingly Yale gave him an award in 2013; must want him to sign their alums, there is no other reason for it.)

    2. Daddy Gelb got him his job with Ronald Wilford at CAMI and Wilford took advantage as Daddy Gelb enabled good press for his stable of musicians. Gelb had a questionable career there culminating as the official drool rag holder of Vladimir Horowitz and strong arming countries to purchase his videos of Herbert v. Karajan if they wanted the Berlin Philharmonic to tour there.

    3. Lost his job at Sony in the Bertelsmann merger. He had an even more questionable career there including an incident where his secretary was so pissed at him she threw her cup of scalding coffee at him on her way out the door. He turned down the Titanic soundtrack until he was told he had to take it and then when it was a success took complete credit for its’ release.

    3. Peter got his job at the MET over Deborah Borda because Wilford reminded Bubbles Sills that she owed Daddy Gelb for special publicity he had given her at the Times. Poor Peter needed a job. (He was less prepared to take this job than Hunter Biden was prepared for board work in the energy business in Ukraine)

    Deborah Borda, highly successful intendant of the NY Philharmonic and Los Angeles Philharmonic. Peter Gelb not so much as the lackluster intendant of the Metropolitan Opera.

    Gelb and Science: “One of these things are not like the other.”

    – Sesame Street

  • I’m certainly no fan, but let’s not forget gleb’s work in making live opera available through tv and movie screen to millions, for his millions.

    • Thomas Dolby says:

      The fact that people don’t put 2 and 2 together about the Mets HD department really astonishes me. It’s common knowledge around the Met that Peter has a big financial interest in his share of the HD department. Remember HD = $$$$$ = jobs for friends = favors. He has this down to a SCIENCE.