Paris strikes: Notre Dame cancels Christmas

Paris strikes: Notre Dame cancels Christmas


norman lebrecht

December 18, 2019

Singers of the Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris called off last night’s Christmas concert at Saint-Sulpice church, as well as all other seasonal events, in protest at the dismissal of several members of the adult chorus.

The cathedral is making cutbacks after suffering the loss of one-quarter of its revenues as a result of the devastating fire. On the plus side, it has raised 922 million Euros in donations.


Tis the season to be striking.



  • pageturner says:

    Macron’s France is an angry place, like so many others right now. And this is said from a pre-Brexit Un-united Kingdom

    • Pianofortissimo says:

      There is no such a thing as ‘free stuff’. The angry French are going to crash the Euro.

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      I thought Macron was the latest, new shiny thing. France has long been an angry place; cast your mind back just a little. If you dare.

    • John Borstlap says:

      The french are deeply offended by the government’s plan to create a more fair pension scheme and to strongly reduce unfair privileges. Also they are very angry that the president wants to keep to his promises on which he won the elections, and that his party has been working very hard to improve the economy, to bring down unemployement, to boost innovation, and to prevent french money being invested abroad. Also the marathon debate that the president initiated to get a better picture of the problems ‘on the ground’ and the results of which are being implemented, which already begin to bear fruit, have provoked wide-spread indignation. All these attempts at improvement are unforgivable sins, and the rusted guillotines are being sharpened for the next festive expression of liberty, equality and fraternity.

  • Alexander says:

    what France would be without a good strike 😉
    traditions are the part of a national culture, so-to-speak an important note to a nation’s culture code 😉

    • Emil says:

      And also the reason why France actually has strong workers’ rights and a strong welfare state. We can laugh at the strike culture, but I gets results (esp. compared to the UK).

      • Alexander says:

        way to go

      • Sarah says:

        At least in Britain, whatever about the UK, there is work to be had, free enterprise, and a choice as to how you work. We have temporary workers who choose temps. We have a totally different economy to France, and why we didn’t survive the European Monetary Mechanism all those years ago in 1992, so have avoided the Euro like the plague, which some of Continental Europe wished they had too.

        • Saxon Broken says:

          Except: the French take four days to produce what the British take five days to do. They have a much higher standard of living, higher per-capita income, and are a much more equal society.

          Britain is “the sick man of Europe”.

  • Greg Bottini says:

    Getting rather cynical, aren’t we, Norman luv.