Paris Opéra is hit by new strike

Tonight’s Il Pirata is cancelled. Likewise the ballet Raymonda

The house goes dark.

There is no guarantee that tomorrow’s shows will go ahead.

Here’s the rather limp website announcement:

As a result of a national and interprofessional strike followed by some of the Opera’s staff, the performance of Il Pirata scheduled on Monday 16 December 2019 is unfortunately cancelled.

The Paris Opera apologizes for this cancellation. Given the right of employees to declare industrial action up until the scheduled performance time, the Opera was not able to inform the audience earlier and apologizes for this too.


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    • Strikes in Paris are like rain on London. Get used to it. Unlike rain in London, it would be within the gift of men to change it — perhaps with some useful legislation But the politicians are too scared of the many and various unions.

    • They don’t strike for a reason, it is to let the authorities feel they can do nothing without their full support – that is, the support of the people who strike. First they choose a government, and then they try to stop it.

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