Munich groper: No-one will touch me

Munich groper: No-one will touch me


norman lebrecht

December 17, 2019

The convicted sex pest and former Munich conservatory chief Siegfried Mauser has given a self-pitying interview to Die Welt while waiting to go to jail for his crimes against female employees.

He complains that Heidelberg threatened to cancel subsidies to any institution where he gave lectures and even Basle, across the border, made it clear he was unwanted. His engagements are cancelled and old friends want nothing to do with him.

He just cannot understand why.

Read the interview here.

This might be a broader phenomenon: Harvey Weinstein has been complaining in interviews that no-one ever mentions his achievements any more.


  • RLW says:

    …a rather unintentionally ironic headline?

  • Stephen Tomchik says:

    The self-centeredness of people like Mauser and Weinstein is astounding. What are a few ruined lives compared to their incomparable achievements? I can imagine Hitler in his bunker complaining that no remembers that he ended unemployment in Germany.

    • John Borstlap says:

      Actually, it is known that, in his last bunker moments, he spoke with contempt of ‘the Germans’ who had let him down by not conquering the world as he had instructed them. They were ‘not worthy’ of him.

    • Aaron Herschel says:

      Ruined lives ? In Mauser’s case ?
      You should update your database before spewing such utter nonsense.

  • V. Lind says:

    It’s behind a paywall.

  • Jack says:

    ‘Sex pest’ seems rather mild. I’d suggest ‘monster’ in its place.

  • Karl says:

    He has had several people publicly take his side. I don’t know all the details of the case but it’s possible that he got railroaded by the expanding definition of harassment and sexual assault. I found an article that claims harassment is on the rise in German workplaces and it looks to me like it’s because of the expanding definition:

    “The types of harassment ranged from sexualized comments and jokes, inappropriate looks or gestures to cat-calling, while many reported being on the receiving end of questioning of an intimate nature. Some 26% of victims complained about unwanted touching or approaches.”

    And the article shows a picture of a man putting his hand on a woman’s shoulder. I’ve had women do that to me. Just yesterday a woman at work touched my arm without my consent. Harassment!

  • Aaron Herschel says:

    The report in Die Welt is far more differentiating than the few superficial lines here at SD.

    There remain quite obviously severe doubts of Mauser’s conviction, particularly about the credibility of the accusers and the problem of a total lack of any witnesses.
    But in today’s hysterical climate it is hardly surprising that courts start to adhere to the new dogma.

    Apart from the casa Mauser: “innocent until proven guilty” doesn’t apply any longer either: an accusation is enough to ruin somebody’s life and the accuser can stay anonymous for the time being, whilst the accused is finished off by the keyboard brigade.

    The left finally found a ‘credible’ and morally acceptable outlet for its fascination with totalitarianism.

    • John Borstlap says:

      Since it is a majority of males harrassing the world, it is understandable that the meaning of ‘harrassment’ is in a process of reformulation. Since it is mostly the females which are ‘prey’, such reformulation is entirely justified. This has nothing to do with leftwing or rightwing politics.