Meet Dr Oboe

The world’s foremost oboe virtuoso, Heinz Holliger, has been honoured with a doctorate by the University of Basle.

It’s his 80th birthday year.

He is named in the citation as ‘one of Switzerland’s most important music artists’.

One of?

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  • A fine musician. I well remember he and his wife as soloists in the Lutoslawski Double Concerto with the CBSO and Rattle in the late 1970s/early 1980s. To a young ‘musical sponge’ it was quite a revelation.

    • I remember his then-girlfriend Ursula Hänggi at the first international harp competition ’59 in Israel – a pretty 18-year old finalist.

  • Another well deserved honour for the great HH! When numbering Swiss artists don’t forget his occasional colleague Emmanuel Pahud!

  • Say what you will–American oboists–about his sound, there is no doubt he single-handedly raised the standard of oboe technique in the 1970’s and 80s.

      • In the eighties HH experiemented with quatre-mains playing on the oboe, but it appeared to be very difficult to find the right playing partner.

    • According to Andre Lardrot when he first met the 15 year old Holliger, he already showed mastery of multiphonics and ascending and descending glissandi. Not surprisingly the concencus among the other distinguished oboists present was “We will hear more of this one!”

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