Mariss Jansons: Funeral arrangements

The funeral of Mariss Jansons, who died yesterday at home in St Petersburg, will take place in that cty.

There will be a memorial service at 10.30 on Thursday in the Grand Hall of the Philharmonie.

Some days later there will be a private interral in the Volkovo cemetery.

He will be laid to rest beside the ashes of his father, Arvid.

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  • (not for publication) Norman, there is an unfortunate typo towards the end of your piece which might be worth correcting) :-0

  • We are devastated to hear the sad news. Thank you very much for the information. I am currently listening to the special programme on BR Klassik 4 but since I do not understand German, your information is very helpful. I sincerely hope that his scores and other precious materials are kept safely. Condolences from Japan.

  • Mr Lebrecht. I have never heard of a private interral. I do however I do the term should be a private interment (Burial) of a “deceased person”.

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