Lahav Shani lights Hanukah candles for Martha Argerich

There was a little pre-Hanukah ceremony this morning at Tel Aviv’s Heichal Hatarbut where staff of the Israeli Philharmonic, together with the soloist Martha Argerich, watched the lighting of the first Hanukah candle.

Music director Lahav Shani led the singing of Maoz Tsur from an electronic keyboard.

Tonight’s concert will begin with another kindling and a full audience-participation sing-in of the Hanukah hymn of faith and defiance.

Image from Genius and Anxiety

You can watch the concert live:

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  • I think she is playing Beethoven 2 with them tonight? My advice, to everyone, is to go and hear Martha Argerich wherever you can, whenever you can, as often as you can, whilst you still can!

  • Festive ceremonies in the month of December remind us of history. So much needed these days.
    In English it is however spelled:
    H A N U K K A H.

    • Also “Chanukah.”

      When transliterating from one alphabet to another, often more than one spelling is considered correct. Consider Russian composers:

      • Prokofieff/ Prokofiev
      • Rachmaninoff/ Rachmaninov
      • Tchaikovsky/ Tschaikowski (apparently “Chaikovskii” is the closest to the Russian-alphabet spelling)

  • Argerich is playing 9(!) concerts with the IPO and Shani during the next two weeks (in Tel- Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem) -Beethoven 2nd concerto in some of the concerts, Ravel in otherS. In addition, she plays a duo- recital with Lahav Shani ( January 3rd)

  • Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I lucked out by noticing the posting at the right time, and ‘listening’ to some of the Beethoven.

  • For encore, Marta Argerich played Fritz Kreisler’s Liebesfreud, with the IPO concertmaster. A classy gesture resulting in sublime music making. How can one not love her?

  • I’ve often wondered why she stopped playing solo recitals quite some years ago. Did she explain why? She’s truly a magnificent artist…

    • She said she didn’t want to be alone on stage anymore. She feels more comfortable surrounded by people – the orchestra or the chamber ensemble

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