Katherine Jenkins in daylight robbery

The Welsh mezzo-soprano, 39, was robbed on the King’s Road, Chelsea, while rushing to the aid of an older woman who was being attacked.

Two girls, aged 15. have been arrested on suspicion of robbery.

Ms Jenkins was on her way to a carol concert rehearsal at St Luke’s Church at the time.

Full picture story here.


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    • And she most definitely comes across this way in any interviews I’ve seen with her. A selfless act here, in helping this victim.

  • I fail to see how any civilised person can give a ‘thumbs down’ vote on this story. Shame on that person.
    Whatever one’s opinion on Ms Jenkins’s singing ability this was a brave intervention in these days of knife crime. It could easily have finished very differently.
    Slipped Disc is no place for trolls.

    • I agree. The account Mr. Lebrecht linked is hardly the most thorough; other papers and the BBC mentioned that she was mugged herself after the intervention and that she then went on to perform so as not to let the charity down. She behaved as well as any citizen could and deserves nothing but appreciation.

      Is the Daily Mail Britain’s answer to People? The newspaper for people who do not like to read?

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