Just in: Nissan boss ‘fled Japan in a musical instrument case’

The Editor of the Financial Times has inside track on how Carlos Ghosn jumped bail in Japan:

He’s not the first to do so.

The Soviet spy George Blake escaped Britain in 1966 inside a bass case.

Dashed useful, these basses.

He must have flown by private jet, since no airline would board a doublebass these days.

And what did they do with the doublebass itself – leave it on the tarmac?

More from the Mail:

Lebanese news channel MTV reported that a ‘paramilitary group’ had posed as musicians hired to perform at Ghosn’s home to smuggle him out under the noses of the Japanese authorities.

He was then flown to Beirut via Turkey.

MTV reported: ‘The band entered his home in Japan under the guise of a band for a Gregorian dinner, then returned and exited after the party’s logical time had passed.

Gregorian, as in chant?

More likely Georgian, as in Stalin.

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  • This is a welcome amusement after a depressing flood of obits these past couple of weeks. What is it about December, anyway?

    • psychologically people who are dying stick it out until after a significant date – a birthday, or in this case, Christmas

  • “Flight is evidence of guilt.”

    Circumstantial evidence, but nonetheless usually admissible. The jury (or the trier of fact) is then free to draw the conclusion or not.

    Perhaps the Japanese will find it worthwhile to try him in absentia.


    • Japan convicts 99 percent of defendants anyway. I don’t think they worry too much about anything like evidence (circumstantial or not).

  • Rumor has it that he asked the orchestra to play his favorite tunes, “After You’ve Ghosn” and “My Man’s Ghosn Now”.

  • I suspect that more important than a musical instrument case was money, lots and lots of it given to bribe people.

  • To go with the New York Times, here is what the Washington Post says about a bass case:

    “The most colorful theory was offered by the Lebanese MTV news channel, which reported that Ghosn had been smuggled out of his residence in a storage container designed for musical instruments, after a band played at his residence, and taken to Osaka’s Kansai airport, where he left on a private jet. But the report was unsubstantiated.”


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