Italian opera mourns a lighting designer

Italian opera mourns a lighting designer


norman lebrecht

December 19, 2019

Many of the leading opera houses and festivals are posting memorial notices for Guido Levi, a master of his craft.

His philosophy: Light is the source of life, it is our vital energy, if the light goes out everything disappears: feelings, emotions. Light is one of the many means of communication, of expression, which translate the show, the music or the dance, into a dialogue that is established through a stage or an open space, directly with the public, with the people: it is communicating messages. . So even before facing the stage, we should live this light, recovering what is our essence. Years ago I tried to be a little more professional and so I studied the lyrics, I listened to music, and so on, but I felt bad, it didn’t work, because all this created me a preconceived idea of ​​mine. Instead, carefully observing the light in which we live every day, generates in me a capacity for listening, a desire to meet, learn, know, which is the only reason why I can do well what I do and for example even make a director happy.


  • Sebastian says:

    The best! He was the best!

  • Kate Flatt says:

    I had the great privilege of working with Guido. In the decor of Yannis Kokkos he created worlds and themes of inspired magic. Unforgettable work.

  • Silseu alionco says:

    Levi sou iluminador no Brasil no teatro municipal de São Paulo Olá meu amigo