How Glenn Gould sounded at 14

How Glenn Gould sounded at 14


norman lebrecht

December 15, 2019

A newly uncovered recording of the Chopin Impromptu in F-Sharp Major.

Quite unlike any other.

The recording was found recently among Gould’s personal effects.


  • Esther Cavett says:

    Thanks for sharing ! Hope more is unearthed

  • christopher storey says:

    It is wonderful to be reminded how lovely this ( Now not often played ) piece is . A very romantic performance, and with lovely piano sound

  • Nick says:

    Great playing!

  • Daniel Poulin says:

    Gould played a few Chopin works during the 1940’s, all in Toronto. For his official debut solo recital he included the Impromptu and the Waltz in A flat (op.42). He also played a few Etudes (op.10 no3 and no7) and Waltz in E minor on different occasions. He once told me that he considered Chopin “probably the greatest composer ever for the piano”.

  • Donita Bell says:

    This piece is soothing and comforting in its simplicity but changes into complexity from 04:19-05:16 with high scales until its thunderous climax. Thank you for this historical find of the very young Glenn Gould!

  • pageturner says:

    At least he hadn’t yet started vocalising whilst playing – that’s the only thing that spoils his Bach for me.

  • A Major Gouldian says:

    A lovely discovery from inimitable Gould. Meticulous interpretation. I miss his humming though – the audio here doesn’t capture it. But a wonderful find and I hope there’s more to come.

  • DMW says:

    Interesting!! Gould’s sound had not morphed into the angled linearity so characteristic of his maturity but displays amounts of color and tonal balance characteristic of the true Chopinist.

  • Jo Hammond says:

    It’s magic. I’ve never heard this, and it conveys so much.

  • merly says:

    où cet enregistrement a-t-il été (re)trouvé ? sans doute y en a-t-il d’autres ? s’agit-il d’un bande, d’un acétate ? y a-t-il eu une restauration ? en attendant, merci de ce partage !

    • Daniel Poulin says:

      Oui il y en a d’autres; ils seront bientôt diffusés sur le (nouveau) site officiel de la compagnie qui a obtenu (du Glenn Gould estate) les droits commerciaux des produits reliés de près ou de loin au nom Glenn Gould. La collection complète portera le titre “The Glenn Gould Private Recordings”.