Eva-Maria Westbroek cuts Parsifal ‘due to family reasons’

The Dutch diva has pulled out of her first Kundry next month, the season-opener of the Palermo Opera.

The reasons are ‘family.’

She will be replaced by the French soprano Catherine Hunold.


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  • Not a major role.

    One could scrap Kundry completely, and it would probably go unnoticed, at least in Palermo.

    Dienen, dienen…

  • ==at least in Palermo.

    It’s fair to say it’s a very inattentive audience there.
    Most of the patrons go just wanting to hear ‘Norma’

  • She already pulled out of this year’s “Parsifal” at Deutsche Oper Berlin. Seems like “family” equals “I just can’t do it”.

  • Kundry had no family at all, she wandered through the ages as a reincarnating symbol of cursed feminine alienation and split personality syndrome, desperately seeking a therapist.

  • >