Domingo under fire for ‘continued failure to accept responsibility’

Domingo under fire for ‘continued failure to accept responsibility’


norman lebrecht

December 04, 2019

The two named singers among the Associated Press 20 interviewees who denounced Placido Domingo as a sex-pest have issued a statement through their lawyer attacking Domingo’s recent attempts to play down his conduct as ‘gallant’ and ‘chivalrous’.

Patricia Wulf and Angela Turner Wilson said that Domingo’s ‘continued failure to take responsibility for wrongdoing or to express any remorse is extremely disappointing and deeply disturbing.’

They added: ‘He did not behave like a gentleman when he repeatedly propositioned women for sex in the workplace … and when he groped them and kissed them over their objections. He did not behave respectfully when he offered to assist with the careers of aspiring female opera singers if they came to his apartment and had sex with him.’

Referring to his sustained acclaim outside the US, Wulf said: ‘It is deeply upsetting and unfair that Mr. Domingo can retreat to another world without having to come to terms with what he has done to many, many women here.’



  • Olga says:

    I think there’s been so much spear-breaking on this subject that it’s time to stop..These two ladies are angry apparently that the whole world except the United States in their nonsense did not believe that Domingo is still greeted with standing ovations, and the tickets are all sold out? That he-still remains the standard not just a great singer, but also a musician. He gave exhaustive interviews to all the influential Newspapers in Spain and Italy. Why should we believe these two losers, who themselves with him hugged on photo(with child-as Wulf ) and gave laudatory in worded Domingo interview(as Wilson in 2006). Wulf’s Linkedin description of her working with the great Maestro was particularly cynical… The ladies should be ashamed, not Domingo. They have discredited the very idea of feminism and this @MEtoo movement.

    • sycorax says:

      Why shouldn’t we believe them? They were supported by a lot of other ladies who experienced such behaviour from Domingo.
      And it’s you who make me ashamed of women. You do the victim blaming, you defend a man who was widely known as a sex pest.
      Just one thought: If Domingo were so “innocent” as he wants us to believe and if the ladies accusing him were lying losers – why didn’t he sue the Associated Press for libel, defamation and slander? Why doesn’t he do more as delivering rather lame statements?

      • OLGA says:

        Domingo answered all these questions in his interview – he does not want to take revenge on anyone, he does not want a trial ,because your lying American society has already condemned him as in the days of the Inquisition…He is a good-natured man and he just wants to work and serve the art-as much as his health will allow him. And he says so-the truth is sure to show itself someday..And let liars burn in hell with that Katz lawyer. IT’S PLACE FOR THEM!!!

        • Barry Guerrero says:

          Just a question for Olga: what’s non-lying society? . . . Germany? . . . France? . . . Sweden? . . . Spain? . . . Turkey?

      • Z says:

        I assume you have first hand experience and knowledge “sycorax” otherwise your comments are despicable. Hearsay is not good enough. He has lawyers telling him what to say. His latest statement, in my opinion, was very powerful.

        • sycorax says:

          Yes, I’ve got first hand experience and knowledge – and I’m shocked and disgusted from the way people here defend the harasser and blame the victims.
          I was 14 years old as the father of a friend of mine (and he was such a “honourable man”, all the time in the newspapers, engaged in charities, a “VIP” and married to a beautiful wife I admired) tried to rape me.
          I was 20 years old and a music student as I was to travel to a festival where Mr D. was announced – and two people warned me never to be alone to be and to avoid him as much as possible.
          I’ve got a friend who was 16 years old, a “eleve” in the ballet of a big opera house – and she needed the older, very energetic dresser of the ballet girls to kick Mr. D. out of the girl’s wardrobe.
          I know other women who had experiences alike with him and I’ve got a (male) friend who avoided working with him because he was disgusted by his womanizing.
          PD was known for his “womanizing”, his “gallantery” and his bragging about him being the great latin lover. And I’m shocked how many people now defend him and just accuse the women of lying. Why should they? None of them asked for any money (and how should they if they don’t want to show their faces? And I do understand they’re not willing to – I see how the two women who dared are insulted!).
          And once again: If he were so innocent as some people here want to believe, if he were a real gentleman why doesn’t he sue the Associated Press for libel? If these women were really lying, it would be easy for him. In front of a court the AP would have to prove the accusations – and if they couldn’t he’d get big money for compensation.
          Yet he doesn’t sue. Because he’s so “honourable”? Like Prince Andrew?

          I’ve got so enough of this subject and I’ve got so enough from especially women defending him. It’s disgusting, it’s nauseating and it makes one wonder how long women will have to bear with men abusing their power to harass them. It shows me how important #metoo is!

    • Willo Hill says:

      Agree with you Olga I pray that Mr Domingo will have the apologies from the US no matter there are many who love and respect him forever placido

  • Victoria says:

    About the two named accusers:

    1) Patricia Wulf, even after her accusation against Domingo was reported by AP, she still had on her LinkedIn account proudly advertising her credential of having performed with opera greats such as Placido Domingo. Only after being exposed by Spanish media on that, she took that mention off her LinkedIn page. But internet remembers everything. And screenshot of her previous page is permanently there.

    2) Angela Turner Wilson, who accused Domingo with allegations alleged to take place in the 1999-2000 season Washington Opera run of “Le Cid”: It has been exposed that in 2006, she said in an interview with a newspaper that, “Big opera moment: Singing “Le Cid” at Washington Opera with Placido Domingo: “It’s like standing next to a force of nature.”” Evidently she considered the experience with Domingo as positive. How come 13 years later in 2019 it became harassment?

    It is important to point out that the exposure of the two named accusers’ own past words is not merely a proof of their hypocrisy, it is an evidence of the lies they perpetrated in the AP reports. Clearly they held their interactions with Placido Domingo as positive experience and volunteered to mention such experience in their own advancement. Their allegations against Domingo has no credibility.

    • sycorax says:

      “A force of nature” isn’t in any case positive. I mean, a hurrican is a force of nature too – and I don’t think people like it.

  • Lynne says:

    Spain is a country where recently five men were found innocent of raping an unconscious 14 year old girl because she did not say “no”. Is it so far fetched to think an old Spanish man would have a skewed idea of what “gallantry “ is?
    People also have a skewed idea of what sexual harassment can do to a victim. Sometimes you pretend that everything is ok, even if it is not for myriad reasons, especially if you think no one will believe you. Bravo to these 20 brave women. Here’s wishing courage to they many more who must be out there.

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      That’s an absolutely shocking outcome for the raped 14 year old girl. Under-aged and vulnerable. Beyond belief.

      • V. Lind says:

        Read the international news a bit more. There have been several cases in Spain in the last couple of years of ridiculous outcomes like that one, and very small sentences when there is a conviction. And of protests on the streets of Spain. At the moment, Domingo’s far from “exhaustive” interview was calibrated to fall on pretty fertile ground — one thing that has emerged recently is that the macho culture is far from dead in Spain.

    • Andy says:

      Only 2 of these liers are exist. 18 dont exist at all. Patricia Wulf and Angela Turner Wilson jusy lires – no proof of Domingo guilty. Only their sexual fantasies as they harassed Domingo, and he said NO to these ladies.

      • sycorax says:

        and the Associated Press, a renowned, serious international press agency, publishes the “sexual fantasies” of some liars?
        Dear me, you don’t have a glue how a press agency works! May I get you at least a bit of information?
        I’ve worked for AP – and as every serious press they don’t publish one single line without one of their lawyers and documentars have read and cleared it up. And if you want to quote an anonymous source, you can only do so with a statutory declaration.
        Meaning: The AP makes sure that in case of someone suing them they can defend their article in front of a court.

        And now one question for you: Why do you think, Domingo didn’t sue the AP? Why doesn’t he say “I didn’t do something wrong, the ladies are lying?” Instead he delivers rather lame statement about being misunderstood and Spain “gallantery”.

        You’re really rather naive, aren’t you?

        • Z says:

          If AP have the proof why has he not been accused and tried in a court of law? Sounds like hogwash to me. Press bias is alive and extremely well in America. We see it every day on every news channel which includes CNN, Fox, NBC, etc. etc. etc.

          • V. Lind says:

            Again — and again and again — NOBODY HAS ACCUSED HIM OF A CRIME, FFS. HE IS ACCUSED OF WORKPLACE HARASSMENT, and it has been dealt with in some of his workplaces.

        • Anon says:

          Enough with the Associated Press, already. They have lawyers and impeccable facts but they made a bad judgement call in running this story. Period. They wanted a headline, a cash-cow story and they got it. The AP is a BUSINESS, Sycorax, not a religion.

          • sycorax says:

            Yep, the AP is business – hence they avoid to print something what could get them a lawsuit for libel or defamation which they could lose. That would cost them money – much more as the sum the court names, but it would lose them “calls” (magazines and newspaper printing their articles – that’s named “calls”).

            Besides a lot of people oversee one thing: In our scene Domingo is a star and an important person. But go out on the street and ask people. Of course, some will know them, but many care about him? So if the AP wants a “cash cow story” they won’t go for an opera singer! Just compare a Domingo story with one about Prince Andrew – which story, do you think, gets more calls and is more quoted?

            I’ve worked for AP and some “big” German newspapers and magazines and I can assure you: A Domingo story isn’t big enough that the AP would risk something for it.

          • Anon says:

            Sycorax, this has AP thing has been said over and over again here ad nauseum. Mostly by you, I’m afraid.

            This has nothing to do with the AP’s ability to defend their facts. Nothing. You are just not getting it. You continue to harp on the virtues of the AP. Absolutely no one is denying that they have good facts and good lawyers. What they don’t have is good judgement, which cannot be quantified by lawyers.

            The business model I’m speaking of has nothing to do with their ability to prove facts. It’s common knowledge that when AP runs something they can back it up. You seem to be the only person left who feels there is some doubt about this.

            Their business model is that they run stories that will sell headlines. Placido Domingo actually IS a much bigger headline than Prince Andrew. Most Americans don’t even know who Prince Andrew is. The AP CHOSE to run this story. They used bad judgement and poor ethics, IMHO, in doing so. And they made headlines.

            You are tilting at windmills and stuck in your own orbit on this AP thing. What you’re so emphatic about doesn’t even need to be mentioned. We get it. You, I’m afraid do not.

      • V. Lind says:

        God, who’s fantasising now?

      • Larry D says:

        “Jusy lires”? Okay, so you can’t spell and have never heard of auto-correct. English is not your first language, fine. But where do you come up with the wack-job notion that these women wanted to have sex with Domingo and because he turned them down, they turned into vengeful harpies? I think you ought to examine your OWN fantasies!

    • Gordo says:

      You should know that these gentlemen are currently serving a 15-year sentence in jail for rape. Spain has one of the most complete and strict laws against gender violence, with ad hoc laws and courts dedicated only to this matter. Women from many countries have expressed their admiration for this system and have said they wish they had a similar one in their country. And by the way the woman was not 14 years old but some more and was of legal age.

      • Anon says:

        Bullshit, Gordo. Gender violence is an enormous issue in Spain and the laws designed to punish offenders are weak and inneffective.

        The girl who was raped by the Manresa Manada was 14 YEARS OLD. Lynne (above) is exactly right. She was unconscious so the courts didn’t consider it rape. Read it and weep.

        Maybe you’re thinking of the PREVIOUS high profile gang rape, the Manada of Pamplona. You know, the one where one of the guys was a Guardia Civil. She might have been a little older. And yeah, they got off practically scott free until the protests.

        Total bullshit that it’s an admirable system. The penal system in Spain for violent crimes and sexual assault is lame and inneffective. Recidivism is rampant. They just put the guys back out on the street and they do it again.

        Maybe they’ll make a big show of putting these manada guys in prison with an impressive sentence but I guarantee they’ll be out on the streets again soon. Spain is all about humanitarianism. They have too much compassion for the perpetrators who are male and not enough for the victims who are female.

        This is an issue which I’ve witnessed personally here in Spain. A close friend was brutally beaten in an attempted sexual attack. She survived but her face is permanently disfigured. They apprehehended the guy. She was brave and went to court against him. Despite her testimony, he got only about 2 yrs. in prison and now he’s back in his pueblo. Her face and her soul are scarred for life. Yeah. Great laws against sexual violence in Spain. Dream on.

    • WowLynne says:

      Let’s be clear – they couldn’t be convicted because of the way the laws were written. They have made it a priority to change them. That said, they are currently serving 10-12 years each and have been fined money as well. If you’re going to use sensationalism in your responses, be prepared to be called out “Lynne”.

      • qa says:

        “They have made it a priority to change them.”

        Oh come on, it is 2019 now, and in most “western” countries, there has been clear definition of rape in the laws since decades ago. Don’t you find this ridiculous?

    • Francesca says:

      Do you propose to pin on Placido Domingo all unsolved crimes? I understood correctly?

      • Anon says:

        Ridiculous comment. No you did not understand correctly. You either don’t read English very well or else you are an idiot. Probably both.

    • CJ says:

      They have not been found innocent, but condemned to 10 to 12 years of jail.
      What happens is that they were condemned for sexual abuse and not for sexual assault, which would have been more serious, but the prosecutor has appealed this sentence.

      • Lynne says:

        They were cleared of rape. My point is that this is the culture that Domingo claims is “gallant”. SMH

      • Anon says:

        They were excused from the charge of rape because the 14 year victim was unconscious and could not protest. In most other countries sexual assault of a minor is automatically considered rape. Apparently not in Spain.

        The problem, CJ, is that since they were charged with a lesser offense, it’s likely they’ll be released sooner (they won’t serve the full term, you know that, right?) and they will just go back out and rape again.

        Furthermore, an entire nation of impressionable young boys are seeing in the news that gang banging a 14 year old isn’t considered rape as long as she’s unconscious, and are copy-catting the crime.

        It was rape. It should be charged as rape. No excuses.

    • Karl says:

      This has ZERO to do with Domingo. The men were NOT found innocent. “the five men were convicted of sexual abuse of a minor. Two of the five were also convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a minor. Each received a 10 to 12 year prison sentence.”

      • Anon says:

        They were found not guilty of rape. Because the unconscious 14 yr old victim did not protest.

        No idea who Lynne is, but I stand firmly with her. You guys have got yourself “manada” (wolf pack) of women here who are going argue you to the ground because we are right. There are mob scenes in Spain of both men and women making the same point that Lynne and I are making.

        As far as Domingo, I support him. But the point Lynne is making is that he comes from a culture which permits sexual abuse. I do not make that corrolation, but I understand exactly what she is saying, it’s a valid point and she has expressed it well.

      • Karl says:

        “The Barcelona-based court ruled Thursday that the men were guilty of the lesser crime of sexual abuse and sentenced them to 10-12 years and fined them 12,000 euros.”

        • Anon says:

          She was unconscious and did not protest so they’re not calling it rape. She was 14 years old!!! In what universe is not rape?

          • Tamino says:

            Get over the legal hair splitting. They were sentenced to 10-12 years in prison. That’s not a small sentence.

          • Anon says:

            Tamino, when you’re speaking of what is or isn’t definable as rape by law it’s not hair splitting. Not by a long shot.

            The problem is threeefold:

            1. a legal precedent has been established that if a woman (a child, in this case) is unconscious, having forceable sex with her cannot be considered rape.

            2. sex with a minor (in this case, the documented gang bang of a 14 year old) is not automatically considered rape.

            3. the perpetrators are getting off with a lighter sentence. Given Spain’s tendency to forgive and modify prison sentences of violent offenders, a lighter initial sentence just makes it more likely that they will be out of prison sooner and raping again.

          • Tamino says:

            They are not getting off with a lighter sentence. The law in Spain is what it is. In order for the verdict to be more solid against appeal, in the interest of the victim and the public, the judge ruled it – under the definitions of the text of the law he has to work with – as what it is and then used his margin of how hard he applies a sentence within the margin provided on the very hard end. Law is often not synonymous with common sense.
            If the law should be reformed to better reflect the realities is another question.

          • Anon says:

            Tamino, it is indeed a lighter sentence because it corresponds with the less serious crime of which they are accused. In this case, as with the previous “manada” rape case in Pamplona which also provoked outcry, the law and the legal definition of rape has been interpreted to favor the defendants.

            This isn’t unique to Spain. It happened in the US, in the Brock Turner rape case at Stanford. You say it’s so the judge can defend the decision in the event of an appeal. I say it’s because the judge is weighing interpretation of the law toward the defendants in a conservative decision which favors the male dominant status quo. I am not particularly feminist, but that’s how I see it.

            So that you realize the gravity of faulty decisions like this, I’ll share here the link I posted below from today’s NY Times. Decisions like the one we’re discussing set a precedent. It’s not hair splitting at all. Another unconscious rape victim has just spoken out in Madrid. Different circumstances, but the argument is similar. Somehow in Spain, it’s been considered OK to sexually assault a woman if she’s unconscious. Even with the laws as they are, a judge could challenge that premise with a decision favoring the victim. Let it be appealed. That’s how laws are changed.
            Here’s the link:


    • Cassandra says:

      You are, Ms Lynne, advocating guilt by association. In general considered a big NO, NO in any circumstance.
      Are we to believe that any man of Spanish descent (and since you bring up the matter of age, let’s not be stingy, say 60+) is “guilty” of anything you choose to throw at him?

      You quote a much utilised rape case. Before using it again you might want to check the details. I see others have commented, so won’t elaborate.

      • Lynne says:

        Again, you miss my point. Domingo can’t use the excuse that Spanish culture is “gallant” if this is an example. They may have been found guilty of a lesser charge, but they could not be found guilty of rape. I am not saying Domingo is a rapist. I am saying the culture did not teach him “gallantry”.

        • Cassandra says:

          So all of Spain is condemnable now?
          Afraid you’ve lost me there, Ms Lynne. Unable to follow your logic.
          Just as we’ll, seems like quicksand.

          • Anon says:

            Her logic is perfect. Do you live in Spain, Cassandra? Do you know anything at all about the culture of which she is speaking? No, I didn’t think so.

            Lynne is highlighting a current social phenomenon of sexual violence in Domingo’s native country. She is offering it as a possible explanation for his behavior.

            You don’t buy it, fine. But respect it, because it makes sense.

      • Anon says:

        A “much utilized rape case”??? Gang rape is a social trend among young boys in Spain right now. Because they courts are giving such leniant sentences young kids are mimicking what they see in the news and they know they can get away with it. Gang banging is trending.

        Lynne is making a comment about the culture from which Domingo comes, not the man himself. I don’t necessarily agree with her, but she is using the rape examples to show what’s going on in the culture. Gender violence is huge in Spain and the laws against it are inneffective.

        She is 100% correct with her facts and she makes a valid point. Personally I don’t think Domingo’s problems come from the fact that he’s Spanish, but you can’t deny that gender violence is a big problem in Spain.

    • Z says:

      Brave would be if they were not anonymous and had the guts to make their names public. Just because one judge was an idiot you cannot judge a country. I live in America. There are hundreds of cases where judges make similar decisions which is just wrong. As for sexual harassment we need to differentiate between a harmless show of admiration or flirtation and the behavior of a jerk. Placido Domingo is a gentleman, not a jerk and does not deserve the treatment he is receiving in America. Americans have been deprived of his voice without proof of any wrongdoing. That is very, very wrong.

  • Manny says:

    These two liar rabid grannies are just Debra Katz’s puppets, their statements are always written by her and delivered by a powerful PR team to the media via AP and these third division journalist called Jocelyn Gecker, who is used only for the Domingo affair and who was previosly totally unknown. These grannies had their 15 minutes of glory but soon the thuth will come out.
    Meanwhile, check this lates Placidos interview here:

    • Carlos says:

      Indeed, Katz and his entire band of radical lesbian feminists could not defeat Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, who had a powerful defense, a legion of defense lawyers, so they quickly had to find an easy target to destroy that they found in Placido Domingo, but the boomerang effect they are finding for sure is not what they expected.

      • V. Lind says:

        Oh, I don’t know — I would imagine it’s just about exactly what they expected. Denial (the fans, who remind you what the word derives from) and justification (the artist).

    • Larry D says:

      “Liar rabid grannies”? Obviously in your lexicon of abuse, calling a woman old is the worst thing you can come up with, unlike the commenter below, who sticks with that old favorite, “radical lesbian feminists”! Are these vile men really classical music fans, or did they stumble on the wrong site?

    • Anon says:

      Grannies? And how old are you, sir? Why is it whenever women make claims of sexual assault, their age and/or appearance become an issue? Pretty clear from your outdated attitude we should just call you “grandpa”.

      I am a Domingo supporter, but you cheapen the cause when you say crap like this. I agree that reporter Jocelyn Gecker is a money grubbing, wants-to-make headlines snake, but leave the victims alone. Any woman brave enough to come forward and give her name deserves respect. And her age and what she looks like HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Don’t be a sexist old goat, grandpa.

      • V. Lind says:

        Jocelyn Gecker will be a salaried employee of the AP. She would make the same whether she reported n Domingo or the number of bins at the municipal dump. Don’t join the Stupiditate.

        • Anon says:

          Jocelyn Gecker brought the story to AP who made the business decision to run it. It’s the AP who benefit the most economically from this decision, not Ms. Gecker. As you point out, she is paid the same either way. The AP, however makes a windfall profit on a story like this. For this reason it was in their best interest economically to run it.

  • incredible says:

    gotta get their 15 minutes of fame somehow, i guess…

  • Madeleine Richardson says:

    This is getting out of hand. Domingo is now being classed with paedophiles, a latter-day Ted Bundy and Jimmy Savile, all names I’ve seen included in posts about him.
    Some posters obviously have issues that have nothing to do with Domingo, 18 anonymous (why?) accusers and two female opera singers past their prime and blaming Domingo for the fact their careers never hit the big time.
    Had this been the case, would they still be accusing him?

    • Larry D says:

      “Why” are these 18 accusers anonymous? Perhaps because they are afraid of being subjected to the sort of reactionary abuse that is par for the course among the usual suspects on this site.

  • Karl says:

    Some good comments here so I will only add a short one: I’m sick of this drama queen crap! No allegations against Domingo are substantiated OR credible.There ARE real victims of other men but these women aren’t them. All they do is make it harder to believe the real victims.

    • olga says:

      You’re very right…this shit is getting all the American hysterics who pour mud on Domingo here, hiding behind the names of the real victims and manipulating the mind, demanding that Domingo sue and go through this American trial in the press again..Forgetting, that he and his wife already very middle-aged people, whom these lying wench with with shark lawyer and so strongly spoiled the end of the life.. “He shouted for a long time – wolf, wolf..and when the real wolf came, no one believed him.”.. – about @real war with sexual predators

    • Leoncavallo says:

      You have proven to be a misogynist, Karl. I don’t think it should be you who determines if an accusation of sexual abuse is credible.

    • Z says:

      Well said Karl.

    • Larry D says:

      The fact that people at the Met objected to working with him again has no credibility? That the LA opera found enough substance that they cut ties with him? But of course they’re just “puritanical America”! Just because Olga and Karl have not been allowed to personally interrogate all these women under a hot lamp doesn’t mean they’re liars and we should wait for these theoretical “real victims” to surface to whom we would all OF COURSE give our sympathy. Unless they are granny lesbians past their prime living in America.

    • Saxon Broken says:

      Karl — you are wrong. He was fired for workplace harassment. He admitted the charge and decided to go quietly.

  • Anna Y says:

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. In her initial statement, Ms. Wulf made it clear that Placido Domingo never touched her, never tried to kiss her or did anything like that. All she blames on him is overly persistent courtship. Ms. Wilson’s accusations were generally denied by a make – up artist who was a witness and who said he had been in the same room with them all that evening and had not seen anything like what Ms. Wilson had said. So, the fact is that Angela Turner Wilson is a liar. For three months, there were no names and no evidence excepting the incredible delirium that these ladies’ lawyer, Madame Debra Katz, passed off as the testimony of anonymous victims. In general, the creative union of Mrs. Katz and the AP Agency began to crack. They probably didn’t realize that the clinical dementia that so tightly takes their overblown gossip for truth doesn’t extend beyond U.S. borders. And even there, despite all their efforts, there are still many intelligent people. The rest of the world stands on the position of law and common sense, shocked by what is happening and certainly supports Placido Domingo, who was the victim of this rampant witch hunt.
    Now Mrs. Wulf and Ms. Wilson suddenly began to speak on behalf of those fictional women. This is logical, because they were framed, offering to become the face of this dirty, but completely false company. For Katz and the AP journalist, this is another failure and the end of a glorious career of fighters for justice. That is why they will desperately seek a way out and continue to throw empty words, having nothing significant in reality. The reality is that they have nothing to present to society. There are no 20 women, no charges, no evidence. There is nothing at all but the exorbitant ambition, greed and malice of people dissatisfied with life. Even now, when they could produce anything but a violent fantasy, they do not. Why? The answer is simple. There was nothing.
    So why should Placido Domingo take responsibility for something he didn’t do?! The bitterness of regret that Domingo did not want to be a whipping boy is evident in Mrs. Wulf and Wilson’s statement, as well as the fact that they got involved in this muddy affair at all, that they became the faces of a deceitful and destructive company against an innocent man. Not to mention the damage to culture caused by this prolonged sad farce. Opera lovers in the United States, who for many years listened to Placido Domingo’s performances with trepidation, now have no opportunity to listen to him. The Los Angeles Opera, whose material well-being and cultural significance depended largely on Domingo, will now slowly turn into a trash-Opera. I want these lying people and the crowd of hysterical fanatics, who spread these dirty lies on social networks, to take responsibility for the damage they caused to all Opera fans, but first of all for the moral damage they caused to an innocent man who devoted his whole life to art, music and his fans. How is it possible that a reputation and career that has been built with hard work for more than 50 years is threatened by two old gossips, two career women and a mob of fanatics who suddenly put themselves above the law?! Hundreds of thousands of people now hate these villains for what they did. Their behavior is what constitutes real harassment and crime.
    I firmly believe that the words feminism and idiotism are not synonymous, so I appeal primarily to women fighters against violence and discrimination against women. Wake up! Stop your unreasonable friends! Do not shame women! Don’t turn the feminist movement into a chicken-coop tantrum! The principle of “believe me, sister” has nothing to do with justice, truth, law and common sense. Placido Domingo is neither an aggressor nor a predator. And there is no objective reason to doubt his sincerity.
    Show that women can be reasonable, honest, wise, just and merciful. There is so much suffering in the world! Millions of women suffer from physical and sexual violence, do not have the right to choose their future. Meanwhile, you’re baiting a worthy man on the basis of gossip from thirty years ago. You have turned a person’s life into a real nightmare, which cannot even be compared with someone’s absurd experiences about a kiss or a patted knee. Imagine the pain this bullying inflicts on a truly innocent person! Is feminism leading us to the fact that women will lose their humanity, lose their hearts and minds?! I don’t want to agree with that. I believe in the wisdom of women. I believe that we are able to look objectively at reality. I believe that we will not condemn a person just because he is of a different sex, race or nationality. Otherwise, how will feminism differ from fascism?
    It is time to stop this farce and frankly admit that not all women are saints Mary and Anna. Among us there are deceitful, vile, self-serving individuals who are willing to use any methods to achieve their goal. The presumption of innocence was not invented for fun. Everyone lies the same, regardless of gender, so any conviction must be based on evidence. Only the court can make an objective decision. These gossips and their lawyer did not go to court because they have nothing but Mrs. Katz’s desire to save her career and Wulf and Wilson’s desire to improve their financial situation. This is a real objective fact. I want to see them apologize to Maestro Domingo. But I understand that these ladies would rather die now than admit their guilt. I fully understand and support Maestro Domingo’s reluctance to waste his time and energy on this scandal and on these deceitful and unscrupulous people.

    • Olga says:

      So right, Anna…These are lying….””” cast a shadow on all of us, on normal women.. they discredit with their manipulations the struggle for equality and against real physical violence.

    • Glazunov Fan says:

      Well presented and stated!!! Anna Y…Personally, hoping for the truth be made known, the appropriate apologies be made and everyone moving on with life without casting any more stones!!!

    • Marel says:

      Anna Y;
      Very well said. I wholeheartedly agree with you. But please please, do not call these two bitter wretched women, ladies. They are far from it. They are shameful.

  • George says:

    I don’t understand what this lawyer is trying to achieve? He’s not been accused of any crime and he has been removed from all performances in the USA.

    Do they want money after all?

  • George says:

    As much as I feel with any victim of sexual harassment, I find Ms Wulf’s reactions and complains about the phrase “Patricia, do you have to go home tonight?” a bit over dramatic.

    • Cassandra says:

      You know, George

      He could have made a remark from across the room about the weather. It’s irrelevant.

      The object in view here is, for some yet unidentified party, to show their power, using as their figurehead a movement based mainly on frustration.
      And for this they need an international household name, whereupon to project their meticulously compiled charge.

      • Anon says:

        Well said, Cassandra. I agree with you on this one. And if I’m reading you right, I think that yet unidentified party you speak of who is trying to exert power can actually be identified now. She is the reporter who came up with the Domingo story and sold it to the AP: Jocelyn Gecker.

  • Lussy says:

    Oh, ‘righteous’ Puritan America! Isn’t it time you to stop?

    • Tamino says:

      Yes Domingo was a womanizer, sometimes bordering on a sex pest and occasionally touching first, asking later.
      No he did not commit crimes, no accuser of such has come forward until now.
      Yes, this is a huge smear campaign to destroy him, and the driving force behind it is the cult of Scientology, because of him refusing to pay for his son…

      • Anon says:

        Wow. Now that’s a theory no one’s brought forward before. Wild. Who knows – you could be right.

      • Saxon Broken says:

        Tamino writes: “occasionally touching first, asking later…he did not commit crimes”

        Touching first IS A CRIME. It is assault.

    • Z says:

      I understand how you feel but do realize that not all Americans are like that. Most are not. There are many thousands of Americans who are even more unhappy about the situation because they cannot afford to travel to Europe. I am fortunate enough to be able to travel once or twice a year but have been deprived of short trips to the Met, LA and many other cities so trust me many of us are absolutely fuming that “management” made a decision that should have been made by opera goers.

    • Larry D says:

      Sorry, we won’t stop until whatever louche country you live in catches up to us. Putting “righteous” in quotes doesn’t make it wrong.

  • HeckYeah, Lynne! says:

    In my opinion, from all I’ve read regarding this story, he won’t sue because he knows something did happen. The AP doesn’t go around making up quotes and stories. They’re a reputable news organization with standards and procedures. Their articles must have been thoroughly vetted before release. I was a fan of his since I was a child and have seen him perform live on many occasions at the opera and concerts. I’ve tried to remain impartial since this whole thing came to light but, from the very beginning, I saw that he wasn’t being completely forthcoming. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it.

    • Tamino says:

      Nobody came forward with anything that amounts to a level of being worth sueing for.
      It‘s not rocket science indeed.
      The rest has to do with the cult of scientology.

  • Anon says:

    To follow thru on the comments about Spain’s tolerance for gender violence and sexual abuse, which reader Lynne raised as possibly contributing to Domingo’s behavior – a top story in today’s NY Times –

    A reality show contestant in Madrid who was unconscious was raped by another cast member. The incident was filmed. Producers made the victim watch the play back of the event and filmed her reaction. The video was leaked publicly. She was understandably traumatized to discover she’d been sexually assaulted and filmed without her knowledge This is today’s news. NY Times. Happening right now in Madrid. It’s the culture in which Placido Domingo was raised.

  • Thinking aloud says:

    Just to add my two pennyworth to this ongoing discussion about the alleged sexual harassment carried out by Placido Domingo.
    The two named women, Wulf and Wilson are again complaining Domingo will not admit to what he has done. In both cases their accusations were demolished.

    Firstly Wulf had a photo on her website, of herself and her daughter with Domingo. Wulf standing as close as possible to Domingo with her hand on his shoulder. It hardly suggests someone who tried to hide from him, as originally stated, because of his harassment.

    Wilson’s claim was completely refuted by the make up man who was present when the alleged harassment happened. Of the other unnamed 18 most have said nothing at all about what form the harassment took, which makes the whole story very suspicious.

    As Domingo himself has said why did no one say anything to his face, not wait20/30 years before complaining. Good question.

    As far as I can see the Me Too Movement is all about bringing down well known men. Usually using events from many, many years ago, which few people can remember any facts about, to cause maximum harm to men they regard as being too powerful. Unfortunately the public, who often know little about the accused person then believe the accusations and declare guilt, without knowing what the accusations are really meant to do. It is just a smear campaign of the lowest level.

    As for the Spanish culture in which Domingo was raised, yes he is proudly Spanish, but his formative years were spent in Mexico. So don’t blame Spain.

    Someone has rightly stated earlier on this forum this behaviour by Me Too does nothing to help the plight of genuine victims of sexual abuse. Domingo has not been accused of sexual abuse.

    This movement has probably been taken aback by the backlash it has received from Domingo supporters all over the world. That is why these two women have been pressed by their lawyer, Debra Katz, to make further statements. I notice none of the other 18 have come forward to add anything.
    Whoever started this ball rolling against Domingo and why him in particular, when there are others who do much worse things than he is being accused of, we will probably never know. But these women , especially Wulf and Wilson have been used as pawns by Me Too and can not now extricate themselves from this situation.
    Some have suggested that the women are in this for money. Repeatedly we are told AP does not pay for stories. But Me Too has a “fighting fund” so there could be an element of truth in this suggestion.

    Before long men will be too scared to speak to women, for fear of being accused of sexual harassment. What a shame that will be.

    Too many contributors on this subject are relying on rumour and hearsay about these sexual harassment allegations. Non of us know the real facts. Only Domingo and the women know if there is any truth in the accusations. Because he has not sued anyone does not make him guilty. How do you sue nameless people?
    It would be better if everyone read the statements Domingo has made and not jump to conclusions.

  • Tania says:

    Mrs Katz made a name for herself trying to bring down justice Kavanaugh and failing miserably. She decided to recoupe with an attempt to bting down another innocent man, Mr Domingo. This lady has to be condemned by robbing USA of a Great Artist. I am sure they hoped for the neat settlement. Good for Mr Domingo for not caving in. And shame on these made up victims.