Dalton Baldwin’s remains are held in Beijing

Dalton Baldwin’s remains are held in Beijing


norman lebrecht

December 15, 2019

Further details are reaching us of the death last week of Dalton Baldwin, piano partner, teacher and friend of many singers, great and small.

Dalton, who was 87, was flying home from engagements in Japan when he took ill in mid-air.

The flight was diverted and an emergency landing was made in Beijing, where medics were unable to save him.

His remains are now being held in Beijing, pending the completion of paperwork and the usual arrangements.

Here’s a tribute from his fellow-pianist Graham Johnson:

I am devastated to hear two days late of the passing of this great colleague, the more so because I received a wonderful letter from him just a few weeks ago. Always in love with the music and unfailingly kind to those who served the music, he was a key part of the world of song for my entire lifetime. I have also never known anyone with so many links of love and admiration from pupils around the world, a network of pupils unequalled anywhere else in my experience. Although I was never officially a pupil, he was a teacher for so many of us. Farewell beautiful and gracious Dalton, initially and for many years the beloved of a great singer, you became loved and respected by everyone else in your own right and made your own enormous career at the heart of the song world.


  • Farewell, beloved Dalton!

    The world is not the same without you. Your presence in our life as a magnificent musician, friend, mentor and humanist can never be forgotten.
    Your kind, majestic and elegant demeanor, your generosity, your vast knowledge, were the most precious gifts you left in our memory. How lucky we all were to have spent time in your presence…

    You were touched by the divine spirit and your place on this earth will forever remain in the Pantheon of great men.
    We learned from you to be kind, to look for beauty, to forgive, to cherish the moment, and look to the future with wonderment and hope.

    Thank you, Dalton, for having shared yourself with the world, how we’ll miss you….

    And I will miss you forever and ever.

    Georgiana Rosca

  • Simon Chaussé says:

    Tributes are flooding about the passing of Dalton Baldwin and they all share the same message: the love of music, art song and the respect he had for those who, at any level practiced it. Graham Johnson’s tribute says it best: links and love from students all over the world.

    I was blessed to sing with him in many countries and more to be a close friend like family. He changed my life and showed me the path to believe and be all I could be. We are hundreds of children who are now orphans.