Busiest composer replaces her management

The prolific Lera Auerbach changed managements again today.

She’s now with Marianne Käch in Hamburg.

Why jump ship if it’s not sinking?


Press release:

Käch Artists & Promotion is delighted to announce the worldwide general management for internationally renowned conductor, pianist and composer Lera Auerbach. Lera Auerbach is one of today’s most sought after and exciting creative voices. She is not only among the world’s leading composers but also an impressive virtuoso pianist, conductor, visual artist and writer.

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  • Ms Lauerbach writes Russian music, full of fantasy, and loud Russian pathos (too much so for my taste) but also with beautiful effects:


    Itr sounds as if she had listened to some late Webern and thought: what would be the absolute opposite of this?

    This begins very beautiful, but then she gets excited and sinks into bombastic noise:


    This is really very interesting, a surrealistic opera:


    The music is reminiscent, somewhat, of Stravinsky between Sacre and Octet, one of his most interesting periods, and very Russian.

    This is from a piano trio, strong music, colourful and excited:


    A remarkable composer, and courageously mining existing traditions.

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