British Airways is almost the world’s worst airline

In a consumer survey conducted by Which? magazine, BA came one from bottom in consumer satistfaction in the short-haul category, undercut only by its partner-airline Vueling and the bottom-bumping Ryanair.

In the long-haul it was saved from the bottom spot by its alliance partner, American Airlines.

The survey rated food, seat comfort and value for money.

BA says it’s doing fine.

Best short-haul
1. Aurigny

2. Jet2

3. SAS

4. Aer Lingus

5. Swiss

6. Norwegian

7. Lufthansa

8. Eurowings

9. EasyJet

10. KLM

11. Tap Portugal

12. Flybe

13. Tui Airways

14. Wizz Air

15. British Airways

16. Vueling Airlines

17. Ryanair

Best long-haul:

1. Singapore Airlines

2. Qatar Airways

3. Emirates

4. Virgin Atlantic

5. KLM

6. Air Transat

7. Thai Airways

8. Delta Airlines

9. Tui Airways

10. Qantas

11. United Airlines

12. Air Canada

13. Etihad Airways

14. British Airways

15. American Airlines


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  • Where’s Air France? An enormous carrier with pretty decent service, when not on strike. Maybe Daniel Harding will raise their game………….

    • Hello Wowka. Got to agree with you!
      Air Frantic doesn’t figure, neither do any of the chinese or for that matter Aeroflot… stupid article here.

      • I hope you mean its resources are finite. I do not see anything to sneer at in a Consumers’ Association publication, but I doubt it has done as thorough a job as it ought on this subject, and I would be interested in the methodology.

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