Breaking: Cecilia Bartoli to run an opera house

It’s being announced in Monte Carlo that the Italian mezzo-soprano will take over as director of the Opéra in January 2023.

‘I shall put my passion at the service of the Opéra de Monte-Carlo,’ was Bartoli’s opening statement. The announcement was made by Princess Caroline.

Bartoli, 53, succeeds Jean-Louis Grinda who has been in charge at M-C since 2007.

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  • Madam Bartoli is clearly a thoughtful artist. Her career path has been careful without many mistakes,[
    lets for get West Side Story] please give her a chance before the negative comments.

  • Very coherent with her carrier. Montecarlo is a fiscal paradise.
    She used her companies settled in Africa to make contracts with festivals and halls that were subsidized with public money. Incredibly, her terms were always accepted.

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