Andre Rieu gives $470,000 to teach children music

The Dutch violinist and conductor André Rieu has donated 425,000 Euros to Youthfund Culture Limburg to provide music lessons to 1,000 children in his home region.

‘I would like to give these children the pleasure of making music,’ he said. ‘My orchestra members and I know how much fun it is to make music every day, and to make millions of people happy with music night after night. We were all given the chance to have music lessons since our childhood and were fortunate to learn how to play an instrument. So we may understand better than anyone else what it means, if you do not get that chance to be involved with music as a child.’

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  • I always enjoy reading about André Rieu’s good works. Is he really that generous? If so, we need more like him. He’s like the José Andrés of music. Bravo.

  • Setting a true example that those who are successful should help others along the road to success. Well done that man!

  • I’m not a fan of his music-making but one cannot knock him for this excellent act. I wish that there were more who gave just a little (or a little more) to the development of music for youngsters. That way, we might be able to shame our governments into taking the arts, and music in particular, a little more seriously.

  • Whether you like Andre’s music or not, as I certainly do, you have to appreciate a talented entertainer’s return contribution to help others have the opportunity that his parents gave to him.

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