You’ve seen the Nude Opera Star headline on Bloomberg?

Nude Opera Star Turns Grindr Workout Advice Into a Business

Don’t ever again complain about Slipped Disc.

Here’s the lede:

Six weeks before the premiere of Philip Glass’s Akhnaten at the English National Opera in London, its star, Anthony Roth Costanzo, discovered he’d be appearing onstage naked. And not just for a moment—he’d be walking around fully nude, under a spotlight, for a solid five minutes….

Read on here.

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  • The latest cheap stunt on St Martin’s Lane 🙁

    The malign malaise of Lola, Khatia, and the rest of their kindred. Just when you thought you couldn;t see any more b*llocks at ENO – they leap in to prove you wrong.

  • it’s “very cold onstage,” Costanzo says. “I just hope that the men out there will know it’s not necessarily representative.”

    Oh for God’s sake, do what Hollywood actors do, wear a prosthetic.

    Mark Wahlberg did in Boogie Nights, and countless others.

    No one is there to see the opera’s singer’s weewee, it’s a role, it’s a representation of a character, you put on dark makeup to be Otello, you put on horns and a tail to be Mephistofeles, put on a fake dick that befits your character.

  • “If you want to go fast, there’s only one thing you can do—electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS”

    Nude opera star turns scammer. 😀

  • One thing that can definitely be said about the real Akhnaten – he looked deformed, in a big way … all over. No body building required for that role.

  • If such ‘undress code’ is deemed necessary to keep audiences awake, that says enough of how the company’s staff regards the art form.

  • I can’t remember cringing more when reading an article than this embarrassing attempt at self promotion whilst hawking an expensive gadget, coupled with talking about dick shrinkage. Just….awful.

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