Digital Coercive Control enters the opera stage

DCC is when a partner forces you to post online against your wishes, or when he or she takes over your social media.

It is at the heart of Vanessa Lewis’s claim against Opera Australia for unfair dismissal.

She outlines some details of the case in an entertaining blogpost.


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  • Five years ago there was a very similar case involving Opera Australia. An excellent singer from Georgia (the country,) Tamar Iveri, was fired after homophobic comments were posted on her social media. She said her account was hacked by her very religious husband.

    I believe both women in these cases, even if people might still need to be held responsible for what was posted under their names. I disagree, however, with the actions taken by Opera Australia. Based on the information made available, I think firing people is too extreme of a measure in these two cases.

    • Indeed.
      What is beyond pathetic about this whole affair is that she gets summarily sacked for social media posts, while her former husband was caught in the act by staff engaging in illicit sexual activity with a 14 year old in the opera house in 1993 but somehow managed to remain employed by OA until 2017, when he wasn’t even sacked but resigned.

    • “Why didn’t she just leave?”
      Did you actually read any of the links?

      You don’t need a common password as an abusive husband when you’re standing over her, demanding she hand over her current one.

      Also, common passwords are for healthy relationships. Do you think for one second she had his passwords? I’ll bet you my mortgage-free house that she didn’t.

  • If, as she writes, shoes and cocktails are a healthier focus than singing, maybe it’s better that she doesn’t work at the opera. There are plenty of singers who put music before footwear and alcohol.

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