Venice floods hit opera house

La Fenice has cancelled rehearsals for its season-opening production of Verdi’s Don Carlo after the worst flooding in 50 years.

Tonight’s recital concert is in doubt.


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  • Thanks. I have tickets for the opening of Robert Carsen’s new production of Don Carlo, and it’s impossible to get information from the opera house!

  • I am coming from the USA to see Don Carlo in conjunction with a book I am writing on beauty and tragedy. My purpose in traveling to Venice now is that I, like so many others, fear for its survival. My deepest sympathies and supportive wishes are with all of Venice and those connected to La Fenice. I hope to shout many “bravos” with you in a couple of weeks.

  • MOSE has been under construction since 2003 and the 2018 target date has long since past. And they are now talking about 2023 as the completion date. I hate to generalize but given what I saw during my time in Italy I’m not holding my breath on that date either.

    • It might be. But Venice is sinking slightly every year so it might just be that coupled with a very wet autumn and an unusually high tide.

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