US opera changes executive and music directors

Opera San Antonio has named E. Loren Meeker as General and Artistic Director and Francesco Milioto as its first Music Director.

They seem pleased.


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  • This company has had leadership problems from Day One. I mean no harm to these people whom I don’t know; I’m only referring to the first years of its operation. I remember seeing their job announcement for a general director a few years ago which stated plainly that the board chairman would be involved with making artistic decisions, such as casting.

    • Milioto is a very good musician and easy to work with. Demanding but in a good natured way.

      Can’t speak about the GM, but if the board president is paying the bills and wants to run the team, that comes with the $$$.

      All the sports franchise owners in Texas seem to operate that way.

    • Certainly wasn’t questioning her professionalism, only her (apparent) complete lack of administrative experience. Their website lists only one administrative person, with the title “Development Officer.”

      The Company originally had composer Tobias Picker in charge, then suddenly he was gone. Next they hired Enrique Carreon Robledo as artistic director, though he had recently been relieved of that same type of position with an opera company in Houston. After one year, he was out.

      Take it from a guy whose been running arts organizations, including opera, since 1984: this ain’t they way you do it.

      I wish them all well.

  • According to her bio, Ms. Meeker has been a stage director and choreographer. Nothing at all mentioned about any experience in: management; marketing; fundraising; finances, community relations, etc. We wish her well.

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