Ukraine is sending its orchestra to the US. Will Trump go?

Starting this Friday, the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine will give a seven-concert tour of Florida, New Jersey and New York.

The conductor is Volodymyr Sirenko, the soloist Olga Kern.

Do they know stuff about Joe Biden?


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    • Those are also places with sizeable populations of Americans of Ukrainian descent and of Ukrainian immigrants. Thing is, most Ukrainians are Trumpsheviks. Awkward . . .

      • Most Ukrainian ethnic community was in Chicago. The tour places were recent immigrants from Ukraine of all origins and they don’t give a damn about symphony orchestra from Kiev. Sacramento, CA has large population of Ukrainian from Ukraine-not concert goers. Have been on their last tour concert in Berkeley.CA-no Ukrainen speaker in audience.

  • RE: “Ukraine is sending its orchestra to the US. Will Trump go?”

    Is Trump a member of Ukraine’s orchestra?

  • Are they doing two US tours? They’re scheduled to play George Mason University in late February.

    It’s these sorts of orchestras I like to hear on tour; not much of a reputation but probably very good; just wish they would dispense with a soloist and play repertoire unique to them.

  • I can’t imagine Trump visiting Troy, NY. I know Kirsten Gillibrand lives there. But I’ve never seen her. If I do I will give her a “Heil Trump!”

    The Hall in Troy where they will play is a really great small venue- 1200 seats but not much leg room. I remember the Russian National Orchestra playing there in 2007 during a massive snowstorm. There were more people in the orchestra than the audience!

    • The Troy Music Hall sits above a bank. The hall has a marvelous acoustic and one no less than George Szell was a great admirer of the place.

  • Um, yeah OK: Who’s the woman? She looks happy about her new crystal RCA ribbon mike, but what’s she got to do with this story.

    And why are we tarring news of the orchestra’s tour with tiresome American party politics? Let ’em come and make music for us so we can forget the news headlines!

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