Sudden change at the top of countryhouse opera

Sudden change at the top of countryhouse opera


norman lebrecht

November 29, 2019

Nevill Holt Opera in Leicestershire has replaced its magaing director.

Rosenna East is leaving. Annie Lydford replaces her in January.

East is going to work for the conductor John Wilson. Lydford had a spell in PR at troubled ENO.



  • Chris says:

    And was she ‘dating’ Ed Gardner at the same time as Ed and Alison were reproducing?

  • Opera_Lover says:

    What a ridiculous comment. Annie is a highly intelligent, hard working and brilliant arts manager. How disappointing to say something like this, and insinuate her personal life is linking to professional ambition and talent. All the more disappointing to be degrading to another woman, when we should be celebrating an Opera organisation for being run by one highly successful woman after another.

    Also, Norman – another misleading headline. What is sudden about Publicly advertising a position for a month or so and then holding first and second round interviews?

  • Annie Lydford says:

    Hi there,
    I’m sorry that you felt the need to anonymously post this hurtful message. My private, long-term relationship has absolutely nothing to do with my work – which I am passionate about and committed to – and I sincerely hope that this isn’t being said here because of my gender (although I rather fear that it is). Annie

  • KS says:

    Sorry, that is such an unbelievably sexist, misogynistic, and hideous thing to say! Ms Lydford’s personal life has no relevance to this story or to her success. Heaven forbid a young woman might just be the right person for the job! Get a grip, Sabine.

  • Simon A B says:


  • Nathan says:

    Actually, Annie is more known for being one of the most highly qualified musicians out there – RAM, Cambridge, a Masters in business, Warner Brothers, a LONG spell at ENO (despite what Norman’s ever reputable sources might say) a nationally facing role at a major arts lobby… shall I go on? Characteristically misogynistic of the commentators here to focus on a women’s dating history though – but seeing someone else’s well deserved success is bound to make a few people jealous, I suppose…

  • Craig says:

    Annie’s career timeline is actually completely irrelevant to her dating history, which you probably know, but obviously you’re here just to fling s*** at the walls out of spite. She’s highly experienced and this looks like the next logical step.

  • Claire says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. What a load of vile, misogynistic rubbish. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • norman lebrecht says:

    A comment was posted here concerning the personal relations at work of one of those mentioned above. Since the comment bore no relation to the person’s present career move, it has been removed as irrelevant.