Richard Strauss really hates you

A rare photograph of the composer, aged 40, in 1904.

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  • A very famous portrait by Alfred Steichen. Maybee not famous for Straussians, but famous in the history o fotography.

    • It is more likely that just at that moment Pauline came in with instructions to do some shopping for her in the village.

      I’m not making this up. There is a story which describes Strauss working feverishly on the seduction scene from Salome when his wife entered his study and silently put two empty milk bottles on the table, next to Salome’s rutting screams.

      • …and Strauss dutifully went and bought some milk, resuming later where he left off. The man – a left-hander, as it seems from a study of his desk – was an absolute genius. As RW2013 deftly states, we love him. Thanks for bringing this up, John.

  • His reaction on hearing that more recordings of Der Rosenkavalier, Elektra and Die Frau ohne Schatten with cuts have been issued.

  • Must have been whist. I’ve read that just about the only way to enjoy Richard Strauss’ company was to play whist. If his game was interrupted I’m sure he was furious.

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