Placido Domingo releases new duet

Placido Domingo releases new duet


norman lebrecht

November 22, 2019

Undaunted by his US troubles, Domingo issues a new recording today with the popular French tenor Vincent Niclo.

He’s also performing live in Beijing.



  • And his UK troubles, Tokyo Olympics troubles, and European Cultural Forum Prize troubles. The list will continue to grow as the European classical music world faces reality.

    Before brushing sexual abuse aside, we should remember the larger context of the problem, and why the mindset of the abuse of women in any form must be stopped:

    “A Wave of Femicides Forces France to Confront a Domestic Violence Crisis”

    “…it’s estimated that more than 600 Russian women are killed a month in their own homes, and that up to 36,000 women a day are being abused.”

    “Domestic violence in Germany: Woman killed every 3 days”

    “Domestic violence affects over 100,000 women in Germany”

    The list could go on and on.

    • Has-been says:

      What has all this to do with Placido Domingo who has not been accused of violence of any king. Find another forum to vent your rage and do not use a post about a Domingo recording. In the words of that great American, Mick Mulvaney ‘ get over it’

      • The relationships? 1) Sexual abuse, domestic abuse, and numerous forms of child abuse all share a common ground in misogyny. 2) To tolerate the abuse of women in any context, increases the tolerance of abuse in other contexts as well. And of course, I’m belaboring the obvious, but it seems to be needed here.

      • V. Lind says:

        Has-been? Sounds as if you never were.

        No, Domingo is not accused by anyone of violence or worse. He is widely accused of sexual misconduct — otherwise the distinguished organisations, where he has performed with artistic distinction for so many years, would not have been ready to cut him loose without argument.

        What Mr. Osborne is pointing out is the alarming treatment of women in countries where no criticism of Mr. Domingo has been aired, and where artistic institutions do not share the reservations of their American counterparts in engaging him — their attitude to women on their employ perhaps not being as considerate.

        And anyone who considers Mick Mulvaney a “great American” is tipping his hand as one who is less than so. And we know the attitude to women of Mulvaney’s boss.

      • BRR says:

        What has all this to do with that American traitor, Mick Mulvaney? Find another forum to vent your rage about your president and his dirty men and do not use a post about a Domingo recording.

      • Larry D says:

        Or in the words of that other great American, Donald Jessica Trump, “It’s all a HOAX! A witch hunt! And when you’re famous you can grab them by…”

    • antibanders says:

      Domestic abuse? You’re out of your tiny mind, Osbourne. I protest that this garbage got past thr mods. Get your deluded crapola off this blog, Osbourne – and stay off. We are sick of you.

    • Full Fathom Five says:

      These libellous allegations have *no* place on this blog, Kindly delete them, along with their poster.

    • Karl says:

      Maybe they could learn something from the US and it’s mass incarceration laws. In the US since the passage of the Violence Against Women Act in 1994, annual rates of domestic violence have dropped by 63%. It has lead to more mass incarceration, but it looks like it’s a good thing to keep violent offenders locked up.

    • AnotherSinner says:

      Yeah, you act like the allegations are true without a shred of evidence. That makes you a MeToo vigilante and if you think the billions of Domingo’s fans are going to let you cut him down with just rumors and accusations, you’ve got another think coming. It’s amazing to me, an American, to see my country turn its back on two of the most fundamental and vitally important discoveries of Western Civilization: the Presumption of Innocence and Due Process.

      Maybe you want to gloss over the behavior of the women “30 years ago” but we won’t. They weren’t meek little lambs who wanted nothing to do with the tall, dark, handsome, talented and famous tenor.

      • V. Lind says:

        What due process did you have in mind? Nobody has accused Domingo of anything that belongs in court. He is accused essentially of workplace harassment, which IS serious enough. He was investigated by a principal employer — L.A. Opera — using an outside agent. After which his employment was terminated. Another principal employer, the Met, had agreed to abide by the LA findings. And he was terminated. In each case he was allowed to withdraw with as much grace as was possible given the situation.

        The presumption of innocence would have been applied in the investigation, and apparently not upheld.

        Domingo has not fought back, or sued. He has withdrawn. Without the fanfare of firing, though some orchestras cancelled him PDQ, suggesting they had some knowledge about the content of the allegations — few orchestras are rich enough to cancel sellout stars out of pique.

        Maybe he should do an interview with Emily Maitlis.

    • M McAlpine says:

      ‘Classical music world faces reality’? The reality as far as I can see is that, whatever his guilt or not, Domingo has not been accused of any type of the domestic violence you mention.

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      Well, I’m not in the least surprised to read about those German statistics on DV!!!

    • Maria says:

      Why this rant? This post is about a recording that has been issued, mercifully not a duet with himself as others have done. This is not the place or time to kick Domingo down again, and then go on about the Russians and the Germans about their women. Domingo has not been accused of violence – far from it!

      • Sandeling says:

        This isn’t a new recording of Domingo, the duet was recorded in 2015 for his “My Christmas” album and now added to a new album of Vincent Niclo. The clip above (also from 2015) is from the live BBC programm “The One Show”.

        • Sandeling says:

          Oeps, didn’t do my homework correctly too. The clip is not from the “The One Show”, but from French 2/Belgium TV5. Sorry!

    • Sick of it says:

      Irrelevant information as is so often the case, Mr Osborne.

    • Sandeling says:

      What UK troubles? Domingo is still on the castlist for “Don Carlo” at Covent Garden on 13/16 and 19 July 2020.

  • Nelly says:

    A little advise: do your homework before attacking Domingo. This duet was already recorded in 2015 for Domingo’s great album “My Christmas” and now added to a new album of Vincent Niclo

  • Gustavo says:

    Prince Andrew should team-up with Placido Domingo.

  • AnotherSinner says:

    (When I first started commenting using the email address provided, the very first time going on over a year ago I think, after the first, I dunno, 10 or so comments, I stopped getting moderated. I recently returned to comment again in the past month or so, and now I’m back to being moderated. The first few lately actually got moderated and posted within the day. But now, not so much. What gives?)

  • Julia says:

    Who cares!

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    Ah, I see; superannuated singers can rejuvenate their flagging fortunes by co-opting younger artists. Ergo, Tony Bennett. Sad.

  • AnotherSinner says:

    [For reasons mysterious to me entirely,
    the following comment in reply to another
    commenter 2+ days ago has not been
    allowed. I will make a 2d attempt and omit
    any specific reference, in the interest of
    imparting truly valuable information, not
    because I’m sharing it, but because it is
    what I have learned through my former
    line of work, now that I’m retired. If the
    moderator elects to quash this effort as
    well, I shall take my leave.]

    I pity those of you who suffer ignorance of the
    benefits of Western Civilization and
    revert to the coarse and unenlightened
    standards of the Dark Ages. Who presume
    everyone guilty until they prove themselves
    pure to you, everywhere, all the time,
    inside a court room or out. Sadly,
    you’re not the first I’ve bumped into
    on the internet to insist the lower bar
    is sufficient to judge a fellow human
    being by, rather than holding yourself to the better standard, the higher, more evolved
    measure for participating in a just and
    wholesome society, if only selfishly.
    Wait until the gullible vigilantes come
    for someone you love. Your dad. Your
    grandfather. Your brother. Your son.

    Still think your standard is
    sufficient? Your grandfather, no matter
    how consequential to millions of other
    humans, is now a social pariah
    and is kicked to the curb like trash.

    But who cares, it’s not prison.

    Your son can’t get work because he was
    accused as a college student, and now
    he’s radioactive. Based solely on
    accusations. Cowardly companies who
    don’t want the cancel culture media
    waged hellstorm that is the hallmark
    of OUTRAGED feminists will hire
    anyone else, even if less qualified.

    But who cares, it’s not prison.

    A beloved artist, a living legend, a
    colossus in the performing arts, a
    famously and very well-documented
    generous and kind human, has been
    summarily removed from our access,
    the millions of his US fans over 15-30
    year old alleged behavior. The heckler’s
    veto wins.

    Alleged behavior 15-30 years old must be
    punished retroactively, no statute of
    limitations will be considered? Think you
    could survive being hauled into the
    court of public opinion’s tractor beam
    of wrath, taken to task, treated
    as surely, surely, guilty as accused?

    J’acuse! Now: talk us out of our verdict.

    Think you would deserve the sneers,
    scorn, insults, denigration, rejection,
    and ejection from your heretofore safe
    and normal life and public membership
    in society?

    If you have a link to a report of findings
    from the law firm hired by LAOpera to look
    into the allegations at that house, don’t
    keep it to yourself. Otherwise, you are
    making giant heaps of assumptions about
    what has transpired behind closed doors.
    Precisely because it is a personnel issue
    for them, they are required by law to keep
    the proceedings and any actions taken
    confidential. This is, so far, the only time
    where US law extends some protection to
    the greatest opera artist of all time.

    As for lawsuits: once administrative
    proceedings have concluded, then and only
    then can the accused or the accusers
    move into a public courtroom for civil
    relief, unless other arrangements are
    made and put to paper. As we all know,
    it is usually the attorney’s advice to
    settle out of court. To pay as nominal an
    amount as possible to rid yourself of a
    bitter and greedy nuisance noisemaker,
    to secure their legally enforceable
    self-silencing, while neither confirming
    nor denying the allegations. Many
    in fact innocent, deep pocketed people
    have done this over the ages, and we’ll
    never know the truth. Never.

    Guess all you like, but it remains guessing.

    Why should millions of fans be denied
    Domingo’s artistry based on the alleged
    word of a handful of anonymous accusers?
    Our million+ votes are worthless now?

    BTW, Wulf’s claims are so minor as to
    be derisible. Her allegations amount to
    “30 years ago he looked at me with hot
    desire and asked me a leading question
    and it traumatized me so much, it has
    festered in me all these years [‘but if
    he were to offer me some money I
    promise to get some therapy, at last’].”

    And Wilson’s claims defy all logic. If it
    were true he grabbed her so hard it
    hurt, then she would’ve had bruises.
    The kind of proof the police would have
    acted on then, no doubt. But the person
    she said witnessed it denies seeing
    anything and wants no part of her.

    Fortunately, so far, the houses in
    Europe have shown they have a spine
    and refuse to cave to the mob and
    do honor his civil right to be presumed
    innocent. Rightly, he gets to keep
    working and I am grateful for it.

    The Court of Public Opinion never
    considers the truth when it favors the
    accused. So, better for us to be kept
    ignorant, thus we can wreak less

    Thanks to America’s heartless
    rush to judgment, which delivers
    justice to no one in fact harmed,
    I am ashamed of my country.

    If you don’t care for Domingo as
    a matter of personal taste, that’s
    one thing. People of integrity do
    not let such subjectivity to interfere
    with justice.

    I will hold myself to the standard
    that protects all of us from false
    accusations of ANY consequence,
    that is to extend the benefit of the
    doubt to the accused. This great
    man merits no less. He’s not just
    some rando. He’s value-
    added and deeply important and
    more than well worth the