Pappano shows solidarity with besieged Auschwitz survivor

Pappano shows solidarity with besieged Auschwitz survivor


norman lebrecht

November 11, 2019

Rome’s Santa Cecilia conductor has posted a post-concert picture of himself with Senator Liliana Segre, a Holocaust survivor who has received hundreds of death threats in Italy after founding a parliamentary committee to combat hate crime.

Ms Segre, 89, has been under police guard for several days.




  • Nouvelles Aventures says:

    Great Pappano!

  • Mike Schachter says:

    As the child of holocaust survivors I am shocked but not surprised that she has to endure this in 2019 and all credit to Pappano for doing the right thing. No surprise there. But without condoning or excusing one can wonder what the point is of symbolic committees which will have no impact of racists and anti-Semites. It will make well-intentioned people feel better.

    • Mike, as the daughter of Holocaust survivors I know very well where you are coming from. Never forget, Never again, but one must give credit wherever and whenever due if any kind of effort at reconciliation is extended, especially to the few well meaning people. That being said, my father always impressed upon me that if you ever forget you are a Jew, it only takes a non-Jew to remind you, and when I would ask him why, he would immediately answer “weil du bist a Yid.” His memory and his sentiments have impacted my life, and yet deep down I still believe people are good at heart….thank you Anne Frank.

  • Hand shake Maestro Pappano. In today’s times so reminiscent of Nazi Germany doings, he shines as an example for the world to follow.

  • Greg Bottini says:

    Bravo, Pappano!
    And Brava, Liliana Segre!

  • Melisande says:

    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”.
    Words by Desmond Tutu to let sink in.
    Thank you Antonio Pappano.