Misery in Munich as Wozzeck goes missing

Misery in Munich as Wozzeck goes missing


norman lebrecht

November 20, 2019

Such is the excitement over Jonas Kaufmann in Die Tote Stadt that hardly anyone noticed Christian Gerhaher’s parallel run of performances as Wozzeck. The star pair are alternating on the same stage at the Bavarian State Opera.

Talk of luxury casting.

Here‘s a Wozzeck review.

And another.

No hype. Just epic singing.

Photo: Wilfried Hösl


  • Tone_row says:

    broadcast live on Saturday 23rd https://www.staatsoper.de/en/staatsopertv.html (linked from BachTrack)

  • Lied listener says:

    A few years ago Kaufmann and Gerhaher — both at their best in Lieder — were slated together for Das Lied von der Erde, but then JK agreed to sing both parts on other dates with the Lamborghini-driving Jonathan Nott, for Sony, and withdrew. (The mezzo/baritone part of course has the imaginative music.) Kirill Petrenko’s project collapsed artistically the moment lumbering, wobbling Peter Seiffert was hired to fill JK’s shoes.

    Anyone interested in Gerhaher should have these two CDs:

    Dichterliebe — ASIN: B0001M4DJ6
    Die schöne Magelone — ASIN: B01NA7L2AN (being sure to buy this exact 2-CD product with Martin Walser’s crisp linking texts, not the disjointed single CD made for the UK and US markets)

  • Mustafa Kandan says:

    It may be luxury casting elsewhere but these are the regulars of Munich. There is no better opera house anywhere else, provided one can tolerate challenging and ,at times, infuriating modern productions.

  • RW2013 says:

    Not forgetting that this Munich Marie is also Korngold’s Marietta in Hamburg in December (with the other German tenor).

  • Waltraud says:

    Wozzeck is an old production and Gerhaher has sung the role elsewhere. So nothing new when even remarkable. On the other hand BSO does a stream for Wozzeck but until now no date for Korngold……

  • sorin says:

    call me an idiot but i listened to the whole die tote stadt over and over and each time it seems more tedious and dull and stale and full of a la r. strauss cliche immitations.It’s a totally worthless work.

    • Jane says:

      It would be very rude to take up your invitation Sorin but, I can’t agree with you I’m afraid!

      Anyway, back to Wozzeck. Live stream this evening, what a treat!