Maestro move: Norway signs a good Czech

Maestro move: Norway signs a good Czech


norman lebrecht

November 21, 2019

Norway’s radio orchestra has appointed Petr Popelka chief conductor from 20/21.

Popelka, 33, is ranked with Tomas Netopil and Jakub Hrusa as leaders of the new Czech generation.



  • Mustafa Kandan says:

    Hopefully, like Jakub Hrusa, he is a good one. I have only heard Netopil once in Vienna & found him bit sluggish.

    • Czech conductor expert says:

      Jakub Hrůša = no rhythm

      Other overrated Czech conductor = JB (r.i.p.)

      Vastly overrated Czech conductor = RK (r.i.p.)

      Best Czech conductor = Tomáš Hanus

      Best Czech conductor ever = Václav Talich

      • Czech Point Charlie says:

        Clearly you are no expert as Rafael Kubelik was truly one of the greats, and Hanus [redacted]

      • Paul Carlile says:

        Jakub Hrůša: best rythm among contemporary conductors, he had the staid BBCSO bouncing like Czechs a couple of years ago at the Proms. Some of the players i chatted to loved it; now i would never miss any of his concerts.

        As for the others, not yet heard Hanus, heard RK several times, mixed opinion, but splendid at best. Haven’t you left out a truly great: KA, (Cz Phil 1950-1968)?

  • Novagerio says:

    What’s a bad Czech then?

  • Talent Scout says:

    … while Constantinos Carydis, 45, still has no job.

  • Czech Point Charlie says:

    Just look up a translation of Popelka and you will see that this is a Cinderella story 😉

  • Anon says:

    This guy is great, Popelka. Assistant principal Double Bass at Stadttskappele Dresden. Was at Mallorca competition. Great guy, great conductor.