Just in: Placido Domingo is king of Salzburg’s 100th

Just in: Placido Domingo is king of Salzburg’s 100th


norman lebrecht

November 13, 2019

The singer has been booked for two performances of Verdi’s Vespri Siciliani.

Salzburg has led the music world in rejecting the harrassment claims against him.


Helga Rabl-Stadler, president of the Salzburg Festival, said Domingo had been engaged two years in advance.



  • Victoria says:

    Well done Salzburg Festival. That’s the right thing and the only right thing to do. The public deserves the right to continue to enjoy the artistry of Placido Domingo as long as he himself feels like continuing to perform.

  • mary says:

    “Salzburg has led the music world in rejecting the harrassment charges against him”

    To put it another way: “Salzburg has led the music world in accepting harassment.”

    • Calvin says:

      This is in fact a political act, and not the first: In 1938 the Salzburg Festival also rolled out the red carpet (and decked the stages with swasikas) for Hitler.

      • Karl says:

        Domingo = Hitler. Thanks for showing that the metoo crowd is bunch of raging hysterics.

        • Calvin says:

          And thank you for showing off your reading comprehension.

        • Sue Sonata Form says:

          Absolutely correct. They are grievance junkies who want to control things now. Grievance is now the new social and political cachet.

          • V. Lind says:

            Well, we certainly get enough of it from you, whingeing about how the bad ol’ left is always out to get the sainted Trump and all the other neanderthals you support.

          • Karl says:

            It’s called Victimhood culture. There’s even a wiki page on a book called The Rise of Victimhood Culture: Microaggressions, Safe Spaces, and the New Culture Wars (2018) by sociologists Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning.

      • Luisa says:

        How can anyone write such bullshit. Compare Domingo with Hitler… I don’t believe it!!! Your brain has probably shrunk to the size of a pea.

    • LEM says:

      No, they just do not judge people or take people’s accusations without proof. Too many famous sopranos have come out and declared what an amazing and decent colleague he is who never harassed any of them compared to no-name singers most of us have never heard of. I have met him personally he is was such a gentleman. I can recognize a sleaze ball from a couple of miles and Mr Domingo is not one. He did not deserve the treatment he received from America. He would certainly never make the nasty comment you did.

      • Calvin says:

        “they just do not judge people or take people’s accusations without proof.”

        In context this comment is perhaps at best interpreted as Swiftian.

  • Mila Pobocha says:

    Bravo Salzburg. We love Maestro Domingo and will stand by him forever.

  • Ingrid says:

    Such a good decision of the Salzburger Festspiele. I am proud to be an Austrian!

  • Gabi says:

    What good news for us! Proud of my country and of the Salzburg Festival to count art more important than anonymous smear attacks and gossip. Will definitely try to get tickets.

  • Angeliki Rossolatou says:

    Respect to Ms. Helga Rabl-Stadler for defying the lynching mob from the beginning and for continuing to do so today!!! We, all the people who love Placido Domingo without reserve, are delighted with this wonderful piece of news!! And we are standing behind the Maestro always and forever, no matter what!! He is and always will be the Greatest in Opera and the King in our hearts!!! <3

  • Maria Ana Fleming says:

    Well done Salzburg Festival. That’s the right thing and the only right thing to do. The public deserves the right to continue to enjoy the artistry of Placido Domingo as long as he himself feels like continuing to perform.

  • Elena says:

    Great news! Congrats Salzburg! Waiting to join the concert!

  • DELCAMP says:

    Thank you Salzburg Festival.So happy to enjoy the artistry of Placido Domingo as long as he himself feels like continuing to perform.

  • Doris Höhn says:

    Yes, thank you Salzburg. That’s the right thing and the only right thing to do. The public deserves the right to continue to enjoy the artistry of Placido Domingo as long as he himself feels like continuing to perform. He is a great artist and in my opinion a real gentleman.

  • Anna says:

    Great news! Bravo Salzburg!!! Bravo Placido!!!

  • Elfriede says:

    Herzlichen Dank für diese Entscheidung der SalzburgerFestspiele und ihrer Präsidentin.
    Wir freuen uns als Fans von Herrn Domingo sehr darüber und hoffen, Karten zu bekommen.

  • Hector Sanguinetti says:

    Bravo Maestro Domingo.

  • Mark says:

    Bravo, Salzburg ! It’s good to know that Austria (and many other European countries) is not run by hysterical children and vengeful hags.

  • I’ve often wondered why the commentators on SD express an an usual amount of far right views. The self-identified Austrians popping up here and praising Domingo and Austria help explain that. Overall, Austria is a progressive country, but it has enormous problems with right wing extremism. The demographics of the SD readership might tell us a lot.

    In the 2017 elections, the far-right Freedom Party, which maintains ties to right wing extremists including prominent neo-Naizs, recieved 26% of the national vote. It’s most high profile leader, Jorg Haider, (who died in a 2009 auto accident) called the SS heroes, called the concentration camps “punishment camps,” and praised the economic policies of Hitler.

    The party strongly promotes traditional families, calling them the “natural germinating seed of a functioning society.” They reject same sex marriage and oppose the very existence of institutions that promote it. They are opposed to programs that promote the equality of women. They are also racist, strongly xenophobic, and assert that Austria is not an immigration country.

    They are viewed as by far the most powerful aspect of rightwing extremism in Austria, and the strongest and most sucessful extreme right party in Europe. [reference: Brigitte Bailer, Wolfgang Neugebauer: Die FPÖ. Vom Liberalismus zum Rechtsextremismus. In: Ders.: Handbuch des österreichischen Rechtsextremismus. Hrsg. durch das Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes, 2. Auflage, Deuticke, Wien 1993, ISBN 3-216-30053-6, S. 358.]

    They were the last party to continue supporting the Vienna Philharmonic’s exclusion of women.

    So yeah, Domingo has a strong support base in Salzburg. Not the best endorsement in the world.

    • Luise says:

      Oh, thank you for explaining us poor miserable souls our own country and its politics. Maybe it did not get to your attention that we are about to get the extremely left “Green Party” probably into our next government. May I remind you that in Austria (with its neglectable amount of real “right wings”) it is forbidden to show, for example, the “Hitler-Gruß”. You can go to prison for 10 years for doing this in public, but in America is is permitted. This is just one of many examples. But of course, Americans know everything. And everything better than the rest of the world. America with its glorious history based on tribal genocide, with its long experience in starting wars against whomsoever they choose as enemy from one day to the next, in destryoing countries and people, is of course the only moral authority in the world to judge others.

      • The numbers don’t lie. 26% for the Freedom Party and what it stands for. No amount of rationalizing will cover that up. And finally, the source of so many reactionary comments on SD is becoming apparent. Good old Austria.

        • Luise says:

          Maybe you should get a bit updated. 16 % as of the latest election. And – compared to what your president stands for – they are even “more left” than your parties. No political party in Austria would ever support death penalty, not even those you call “far right”. But of course … you know it better.

          • In the 2017 Austrian legislative election, the FPÖ obtained 26% of votes, increased its seats by eleven seats to 51 seats, achieving its best result since the 1999 election. [Reference: Barkin, Noah (15 October 2017). “What Austria’s Election Says About Europe’s Political Landscape”. Reuters. Retrieved 24 January 2018.]

          • Ingrid says:

            We live in 2019 (not 2017), and there was an election this year, where the right Wing Party had 16,2%. Don’t spread such fake informations about Austria!

          • Saxon Broken says:

            William: Austrian politics is much more nuanced than you admit. While the Freedom Party is undoubtedly right-wing it is also has a strong Libertarian streak to it (as do several other right-wing parties in Europe). And much of their support actually comes from hostility to the cosy arrangement between the two big traditional parties rather than overt support for a right-wing agenda.

      • Bill says:

        In America it is permitted because we never threw in with the evil bastard. I would freely acknowledge that we are far from perfect in other ways, especially with the current moron calling the shots!

        • Saxon Broken says:

          Hitler wasn’t elected to office in Austria. In fact, he never stood for election in Austria since it was conquered. Vienna, at the time, was known as Red Vienna and was rather left-wing.

    • ketzel says:


    • Olga says:

      that kind of nonsense…no Americans to teach Austria…You had Negroes as well as dogs not long ago, and women had no right to vote..and now you’ve hit the other side..Holy shit..the Pharisees and the puritans..and in General, this whole story is more about power and money, not about harassment.. it’s just a tool to survive Domingo from LA theater.

      • Larry D says:

        Olga, can’t you find an English speaker to vet your comments and help them become comprehensible? “You had negroes as well as dogs not long ago”?

    • LEM says:

      William, this has nothing to do with politics. I have traveled to Austria many times. The Austrians are wonderful and kind. Very sad that you are filled with so much hatred and bias.

      • V. Lind says:

        He’s not filled with hatred and bias. He is filled with facts, which we all know have become debased currency in Trump’s America.

        Austria, like many countries, is made up of millions of people with divergent views and posters here rightly speak of many delightful people they have met. (All white, all Austrian, I assume). But there is a strong right wing with the most abhorrent views gaining strength in a country whom we all remember as opening its arms wide to yet another visiting faction some 80-odd years ago.

        That a musical city opens its arms to a musical legend is fine. But there is no need to whitewash Austria’s political leanings around this events, which would normally be in the no-news department.

        Let’s not forget, in the country that has a TV station running The Sound of Music 24/7 and which trades on this very American production in its tourism, that the people at the centre of that story had to flee Austria and take refuge in the United States because of their free and wonderful country.

        • Ingrid says:

          And as you write about Austrian history (what happened 80 years ago), you should also think about the history of America (slaves, racism, Ku Klux Clan etc).

          • Cyril says:

            You’re not entirely wrong. We do need to think about our racist history, and we have, and we are. But it’s very interesting that throwing America’s racist past (and Jim Crow present in the 1930s and 1940s) in the faces of American leaders and American diplomats was a retort that Stalin and his henchmen, and Hitler and his, often used, when America tried to get Hitler and Stalin to behave better toward the minorities it persecuted.

    • Ingrid says:

      Such a nonsense! I am far away from right wing and will support Domingo, because in a constitutional state a person is not guilty without proof. And Austria is a constitutional state!

    • SylvieGT says:

      There are not only austrian but also french people who takes the defense of the Maestro, we are a country of emigration, feminism; the right of the mariage between 2 people of the same sex is acknowleged , but we are also the country of the defense of human right. and to accuse someone without allow him to defense and let him without the innocence pressumption is an attempt of the human rights even if he is a star

    • George says:

      What on earth have extreme right views to do with supporting Plácido Domingo?
      Why are there always people who bring up the Nazis every time German or Austrian theaters make a decision they do not approve of? Sick of it.

    • Kay Langford says:

      That was something certainly that needed to be said.

  • Gonzalo says:

    Bravo Festival, tener a Domingo, el máximo exponente mundial de ópera es necesario y feliz para la edición 100 de este maravilloso festival, el mayor del mundo.

    Manifiesto también mi apoyo al
    Maestro Domingo ante esta campaña infame de la que él está siendo víctima. Ojalá AP pague por tremenda campaña difamatoria.

  • Risë Predd says:

    Thank you for your constant support for Maestro Domingo! We all know him to be unjustly accused! You will have the most amazing festival!

  • yolanda says:

    qué buena noticia! bravooo por mi querido paisano, del que me siento tan orgullosa y admiro tanto

  • Marina S says:

    Thank you so much for these great news, Salzburg Festival. Cant wait to be there!

  • Brian says:

    It seems to be in keeping with a festival that has also accepted funding from Gazbprom, at a time when other arts organizations are pulling back their ties to the fossil fuel industry. Programming aside, the festival won’t win any awards for its progressive outlook on the world.

    • Anna Y says:

      I love it! Such a wonderful American tradition! When you run out of arguments, they immediately begin to talk complete nonsense. And the most fashionable is nonsense to accuse in something the Russian bear, Russian gas, Russian language, Russian hackers, matrioshkas, bottles of Russian vodka, anything Russian. Oh, I forgot about the terrible FSB! Boo, how scary!!! It is strongly reminiscent of manic psychosis in half with insanity and xenophobia. Certainly all this nonsense has nothing to do with art in general, nor with the beautiful Salzburg festival, nor with Placido Domingo, much less with Russia.

      • V. Lind says:

        Get a grip. He is talking about fossil fuels, not Russia. Companies and museums in the west are cutting ties to BP. But I suppose Domingistas do not believe there is a climate crisis, either. Despite threats to Sydney and Acqua Alta and Yorkshire.

  • Barbara Lindholm says:

    Placido ist so ein Grosser Singer, Dirigente und Wunderbar Mensch!!! Er ist der Grösster Artist in unser Historia. Er ist einen Legend, ein König❤❤❤. Danke zu Salzburg

    • sycorax says:

      Aber sonst geht es Dir gut???

      Du solltest vielleicht mal Orchestermusiker fragen, die ihn als Dirigent erlebt haben. Fang am besten bei den Wiener Philharmonikern an. Wenn sie die WAhrheit sagen (und einige von denen sind geneigt es zu tun), wirst du erfahren, dass man ihn als Lachplatte sieht. Er kann nicht dirigieren und wenn die Orchester das spielen würde, was er da vorne zusammen pinselt, wäre es eine Katastrophe – wie man ja in Bayreuth gesehen hat. Die Akustik und die Sichtverhältnisse da verlangen, dass man zum Beispiel als Bläser wirklich de Dirigenten folgt, weil man meist den Konzertmeister gar nicht sieht. Und wenn dann einer so wenig kann wie Domingo – das Ergebnis ist ja bekannt.

      Als Tenor hatte er sicher seine Qulitäten, das streitet niemand ab. Aber der “Größte”? Ne, ganz bestimmt nicht. Stimmlich war Pavarotti besser, musikalisch konnte ihm Carreras auf einer Backe was vorturnen und insgesamt – ich weiß, warum ich Neil Shicoff immer bevorzugt habe.

      Doch selbst wenn er weiß wie großartig wäre: Es rechtfertigt nicht, dass er Frauen belästigt und unter Druck gesetzt hat. Wagner war unbestritten ein Genie, aber das ändert nichts an der Tatsache, dass er ein A….loch war, der den armen König von Bayern abgezockt und seinem Freund Hans von Bülow gewissenlos die Frau ausgespannt hat. Bruckners Verhältnis zu Frauen war sehr seltsam, um es vorsichtig auszudrücken; Schubert starb an der Syphilis – und ob er ein netter Mensch war? Ich weiß es nicht.

      Aber ich kriege den Vogel, wenn jemand einen Sänger so “erhebt”. Ich bin mit einem verheiratet (nein, kein Tenor) und ich finde ihn großartig. Er ist mein Lieblingssänger – aber ich würde mich nicht hinstellen und sagen, er war der größte aller Baritone. Es gab in seiner Generation noch ein paar richtig gute.

  • Monica Menconi says:

    Congrats!! I’m very pleased with this decision. The Maestro Placido Domingo more than deserves it!!!!

  • Lynne says:

    Money talks, humaneness walks.

  • Lan Xiao says:

    It appears to me from reading postings on this website that Mr. William Osborne is a dedicated advocate for gender equality in the world of classical music. I would like to draw attention of Mr. Osborne and others to a panel discussion that is quite relevant to that topic and it was being addressed by none other than Maestro Placido Domingo.

    Here is the link to the video.

    Here is the posting accompanying the video:

    Women and Conducting – Symposium with Participation of Placido Domingo and Women Professionals in the Music Industry

    Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus, February 16, 2017

    Dear friends,

    While the heart of so many people in the world has been touched by the artistry of Maestro Placido Domingo, some of us have also been privileged to witness Maestro Domingo actively engage in many other endeavors of his multifaceted career, and that has also contributed to forming our understanding and admiration of this truly amazing human being. I feel honored to share with you one such occasion I was present in person.

    Well aware of by all, conducting is one area within the world of classical music where women are least represented. To shed light and raise awareness on the unbalanced presence of women in the world of conducting, and to discuss strategies and initiatives that could contribute to facilitating women to earn their rightful place in leadership positions in contemporary music spheres, a special symposium was organized by Berklee College of Music at its Valencia campus in February 2017, moderated by Berklee’s Executive Director María Iturriaga and spearheaded by Maestro Placido Domingo, as a world-renowned singer, conductor and arts administrator. The symposium generated a great deal of interest at that time and Maestro Domingo served as the token male together with seven women all have provided valuable insights based on their own experience.

    Here is the video consolidating the remarks given by Maestro Domingo during the panel discussion. I recommend you watch it in its entirety. But I would also like to highlight the segment starting from 11:46 where Maestro shared his deeply humanistic perspective to eloquently argue that, 1) all people, men and women, should genuinely accept the idea that women can excel at all the most difficult jobs in our society, and 2) it is as much the men’s responsibility as it is the women’s to facilitate women’s gaining their rightful position in conducting as well as in other leadership positions in the music industry.

    Maestro Placido Domingo has always been one of the most sincere and most able advocates with a proven track record for women’s rights in the world of music. An injustice done to him would be the saddest thing in the world and surely one of the severest setbacks in fighting for women’s rights.

    I, however, have strong faith that Maestro Domingo will be vindicated from the false accusations lumped onto him and will continue to make his valuable contribution to music and to our world.

  • Daniela says:

    Well done Salzburg festival. This is the only right thing to do. Maestro Domingo is a living legend and the public should not be deprived of his amazing and unparalleled performance.

  • SylvieGT says:

    Bravo to the Salzburger Festspiele ! I hope to come and to be able to listen this gorgeous voice and radiant stage presence, felicitations for not paying attention to this Witches hunt , with allegations old of 40 years without testimonies

  • Edite says:

    Great artist and the greatest human being – wonderful to hear that we will continue to have the pleasure and the honour to hear him sing. So unfair the injustice perpetrated against him.

  • Dragos says:

    Bravo Salzburg! Such a normal attitude has to be highly praised in the context of this dirty campaign of defamation alimented by corrupted press and other bitter losers. Long live the King! Forza, Placido!


    I am really surprised to see so many negative votes. Why are these people so sad about the announcement of Salzburg Festival, that booked Domingo two years in advance? They would rather hear some other singer (nobody forces them to be in Salzburg on those dates) or are they sad that Domingo is still performing and most likely the audience will honor him greatly, as they did few months ago???

  • Stephen says:

    Leave aside the sex allegations for a moment. This is yet another Verdi baritone role for this non baritone. It is wrong for him to sing Verdi baritone roles, the sound is not right, it is a desecration. These leading opera companies are collaborating with him in perpetrating fraud on the public, but audiences don’t care, they love him because he’s famous.

    • Jack says:

      It would be a dull world if all Verdi baritones sounded like Gobbi, Cappuccilli and Nucci.

    • M2N2K says:

      Not exactly. While his voice is obviously not ideal for Verdi baritone roles, he brings to them the kind of artistry that most “true” baritones of today do not possess.

    • Karl says:

      And the opera houses love filling the seats. It pays the bills. Without that live opera dies. I remember how so many opera companies died 10 years ago.

  • Bouillerand says:

    Bravo au festival de Salzbourg . Nous soutenons Plácido Domingo . C’est la plus grand artiste de notre temps.

  • Andrea says:

    Well done Salzburg! Thank you for offering us the chance to listen to Plácido Domingo, the greatest opera singer ever, as long as he feels he can still go on! Hope I can come!

  • Katerina von Waldersee says:

    I‘m overjoyed and have ordered my tickets.
    Long live the Salzburg Festival and Placido Domingo.

  • Antonella Gasbarri says:

    Wonderful news!!! This is the only right thing to do and it demonstrates, once again, the high artistic level of the Salzburg Festival! Art more is much more important than gossips and anonymous smear attacks. So proud to be European!!!!!

  • Phillis Rockliff says:

    How good to see so much support for Placido Domingo on this site instead of the usual nasty, vindictive remarks. It’s time to stop harping on about the accusations against Domingo. So far the only accusations have come from USA,, none from Europe. It’s difficult to think these accusations, which should never have been made, will ever be proven after 30 years. So if Salzburg Festival is happy for Domingo to sing why shouldn’t he?
    The political points made by some contributors have nothing to do with Domingo singing in Salzburg.
    Well done Salzburg!

    • V. Lind says:

      I have not seen anyone challenging the right of Salzburg to invite and indeed champion Sr. Domingo, nor his right to go there — except one or two on the grounds that his voice is past its sell-by date. And I would argue that the “eventness” of Domingo on a stage rather makes up for that. Simple anno domini mean that opportunities will not be that many.

      The odd argument on this thread has been against silly comments about news sources and the like.

      Domingo’s critics have never conflated his artistic position with his apparent workplace malfeasance.

  • Louise Guinther says:

    Bravissimo, Salzburg! A great artist and a great man, and I would love more than anything to be present for that performance!

  • Elena says:

    Thank You Salzburg! The envious and ill-wishers burst of hatred to the Great singer, but he is above all detractors! Bravo Placido! Thank you for singing for us!

  • This is wonderful news! Mr. Domingo has been falsely accused, in the United States, of sexual harrassment by gangs abusing the #MeToo movement, where accusations are not investigated by authorities, nor addressed in a court of law. It is the perfect way to destroy a citizen using a hate crime. Thank you for your continued support of Mr. Domingo.

    • V. Lind says:

      Tosh. The accusations HAVE been investigated by authorities — in this case his employer, the LA Opera. Nobody has accused Domingo of anything requiring a court of law. It is workplace harassment that is accused. You are in NO POSITION to say he has been falsely accused. And there is no hate crime, by any legal criterion, involved.

  • Gustavo says:

    What a positive shit storm!

  • maki says:

    That is a legitimate decision. I sincerely respect the courage to do what is right in this society.
    I really respect the Austrian people from the bottom of my heart. In addition to it , I sincerely respect the common sense of all Europeans. I hope that this will be a good guide for the opera world to make the right decision. I fully agree with your decision.

  • Doris Matej says:

    Thank you so much Salzburg! I stand by Placido Domingo and hope to get tickets like all the years bevore. Viva Placido we love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cassandra says:

    This is such pleasant news from Salzburg. And even more so for enabling Mr Domingo to develop a completely new character in Guy de Montfort, his 153rd I make it. Or 152nd whether or not we’re to count the Sharpless put on hold.

    Vespri has some compelling music, far too rarely heard these days and in writing this I have Elena’s Bolero going in the back of my head.

  • Cyril says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen such a concerted PR campaign on these Domingo threads – almost as bad as all the Trump voters enlisted to upvote Sean Spicer on Dancing With the Stars.

  • Patrick Gillot says:

    Yes the hounding of Domingo out of non proven accusation has to stop.

  • Enquiring Mind says:

    If everything that I’ve read about Domingo is true…I don’t care. I’m sick of the hypoallergenic reactions to normal male behavior. Its apparently a US aberration.

  • syc0rax says:

    Oh no – Rabl-Stadler belongs to the woman for which a special place in a special hell is reserved – for falling other women in the back! To mantain she wouldn’t have known about his reputation – yes, of course. And next week she’ll tell story about the moon being made from cheese?

    It’s a shame how she just ignores at least two dozen women who complained about Domingo – based on “I only ever experienced him being a gentleman”? hell, perhaps she wasn’t his type? Or he wasn’t interested because he couldn’t use his “power” against her? Besides: From the fact that Jack the Ripper didn’t kill every woman he ever met, doesn’t come that he wasn’t able to kill.

    Of course, the old Domingo isn’t a “danger” for young woman anymore. However, supporting him in this way is a signal towards “We here in Salzburg don’t care about harassment – as long as a singer gets a**** in the seats, it’s okay with us.”

    • Saxon Broken says:

      Er. The Salzburg festival are stuck with the fact they gave Domingo a contract before his behaviour became “public knowledge”. They can’t unilaterally cancel it. All they can do is decline to hire him again.

  • Chris says:

    GREAT and very GOOD news for the world of opera and for everybody who loves the magnificent voice and superb artistry of Maestreo Domingo!

  • David says:

    I already have my tickets for Nabucco with Placido at Les Arts in Valencia next December, all sold out!

  • Lin says:

    Bravo Salzburg #standbydomingo

  • CHIARA says:

    Benissimo, Helga continua a non deludere e infiamma il pubblico di Salzburg e non solo. Speriamo che sia riconfermata alla guida del Festival Aspettiamo ora Cecilia per Verona.

  • chiara says:

    bene anche Cecilia ci ha gia’ pensato. Il Maestro sara’ a Verona il 7 luglio prossimo!!!

  • Greta Shelley says:

    Of course he is the King. Not only of Salzburg but of the Opera world. Just ordered my tickets for Salzburg. Viva Placido

  • Luisa says:

    Wonderful news from Salzburg. I’m horrified by the comments I read here…when will this witch hunt against Placido Domingo finally end?? He is innocent as long as the opposite is not proven. “in dubio pro reo! So: who has no idea, shut up!!!

    #ISupportPlacidoDomingo #StandByDomingo #ProtectPlacido #stopmetoo

  • Sally Marie Down says:

    Brava to Helga Rabl-Stadler and bravi to all at the Salzburg Festival for supporting great musical artistry, and refusing to capitulate to the bullying, hateful hysteria and cowardly gossip.

  • Helena Frangogiannis says:

    Very well done Salzburg Festival! We cannot allow this ‘ me too’ social hysteria to ruin respectable and great artists /people, and values we hold dear.

  • CHIARA says:


    STAND BY HELGA#########


  • Dragos says:

    The losers around are angry! Human society should find proper working places for the poor things that have failed both in arts and humanity: I would suggest mines, deserts and South Pole!

  • Saxon Broken says:

    Norman writes: “Helga Rabl-Stadler, president of the Salzburg Festival, said Domingo had been engaged two years in advance”

    This is the key sentence. Domingo has a contract and it can not be cancelled unless he has somehow breached its conditions. Salzburg was really forced to go ahead and allow him to perform. However, I doubt they will hire him again.