Hackers attack opera box-office

The Stadttheater in Klagenfurt, southern Austria, have called in the police after hackers gained access to its box-office at the end of October. Customers are being asked to check their bank accounts.

The theatre, which performs both opera and musicals, is a hub for Sondheim shows. The music director is Nicholas Carter.


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  • Klagenfurt and Giessen have exactly the same theatre. The architect, relying on people not travelling that much around the turn of the century, sold an ‘exclusive’ design to both towns. Clever bloke.

  • At least it gave me the opportunity to learn that Klagenfurt was “a hub for Sondheim shows”… I’ll check into this ! 😉

  • None of my theatre loving friends in Klagenfurt are aware the live close to a hub for Sondheim. Where does this information come from?

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