Gergiev musicians are hospitalised in Moscow

At least a dozen members of the Mariinsky Theatre suffered severe food poisoning from a takeaway meal for 205 ordered during their current Moscow residency.

Six were detained in hospital, including one child.

The meal had been ordered from an online site.

The victims became unwell during an evening performance of Debussy’s opera Pelléas et Mélisande, but the performance was concluded without incident.

More here.

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    • Here, here. I saw a stunningly beautiful production at Glyndebourne a few years ago but had to be dragged, kicking and screaming back into the theatre after the dinner interval.

        • No, it is a masterpiece, but it has to be produced in the right way: as if in a dream. The masterly music creates a double effect: what is seen on stage is a fragmentary story with people saying fragmentary things because they can’t express themselves and can’t have true communication. The music expresses what is really going-on under the surface, ‘completing’ the text. And the music itself is a miracle of quasi improvisation, closely following the text and in the same time following its own, free logic. Debussy has tried, in vain, to write another opera, there were two short Poe stories he worked upon for the rest of his life (from 1902 onwards) but he could not find the ‘right’ music. His opera adventure was a one-off miracle.

        • I had to send her away for the day because she had something to say so offensive that I feared to be excluded from SD for ever.

    • I always thought your narrow view from America could never be widened.
      I was wrong – your view is as broad as an open loo’s door 😉
      PS just my opinion, of course, you won’t have to bother yourself with the answer 😉

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