Fraudster London opera singer is jailed and fined

Andrew Amdur, a London singer who persuaded widow Elizabeth Shaheen to part with £100,000, was jailed yesterday for three years and ordered to sell his house in order to repay the victim.

Amdur, 48, contested the charges but his house is now on the market.


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    • He’s a legend in his own mind. Now if he were a more clever sociopath he would have become a conductor. He’d have music directorships on three continents by now. Who knows, maybe he would have come up with the Ode to Joy Rap idea first.

    • His defending lawyer is trying to touch every string

      “….his client was the carer for his elderly mother, had a gambling habit and that a doctor’s note suggested a heart problem means “he might not survive prison”.

      Although I wouldn’t have said the gambling habit helped in defence

  • Should have added “came from dysfunctional family and suffered abuse from family as well as bullying at school. These unresolved trauma from childhood caused him to act out in antisocial manner.”

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