Editor: Diapason is alive and thriving

Editor: Diapason is alive and thriving


norman lebrecht

November 05, 2019

Contrary to our report last night, we have received the following information from the editor of the French music magazine, including some highly interesting sales figures:


Gaëtan NAULLEAU has never been Editor of Diapason, he was « Chef de rubrique » (Section editor?) in charge of records. I am the Editor of Diapason, since January 2007, and I DO NOT quit.

Gaëtan Naulleau quit on his own decision, and he is replaced by François LAURENT, another talented music journalist. It’s the life of magazines, people quit, people come, no drama !

Furthermore : it is absolutely untrue that the new owner thought Diapason was a hi-fi magazine, it’s a fake news reported by the French newspaper Libération (but as you know, we have as well an important hi-fi section in the magazine!).

The circulation of Diapason is 30,058 issues each month, more than Gramophone, a little more than BBC Music (all the data about French press are here : acpm.fr/Support/diapason). So, I have no fear for my dear magazine.

With best regards,

Emmanuel DUPUY
DIAPASON – Rédacteur en chef



  • Percy says:

    While I am sad to hear of Gaëtan Naulleau’s departure, Diapason is extremely lucky to have François Laurent take this post. Laurent is indeed a very talented and well-educated music critic, something rare is this day and age. I wish him all the best in this new post.

  • Mike Schachter says:

    Very good news, I will keep subscribing!

  • MWnyc says:

    Chapeau, M. Dupuy!