Composer leaks end of Simpsons

Danny Elfman, who composed the theme music for The Simpsons, has let slip that this series is its last.

That’s series #32. Did anyone know it was still alive?


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  • The Simpsons is also the only cartoon to have its own orchestra. My agent of the time, a former fellow student at Berklee with Alf Clausen, the show’s music director, got me into the taping of the Halloween show, 1998, at Fox Studios. The band – about half of whom played in my orchestra in the evenings, routinely recorded 50 mins of music in one hour, an extraordinary achievement.

    • A lot of people felt that way about Bach too. Sometimes it’s hard to see how special something is when you can take it for granted.

  • The greatest show ever, though it’s been in steep decline since its ’90s heyday, particularly the last decade. Like most things, it’s run its course. The craven response of the producers to the PC “wokeness” flap over Apu a few years ago was a clear indication they had lost the plot completely.

  • Thank god. “The Simpsons” has been a bore for over 2 decades. It was always one of the satirical efforts which actually celebrates the thing its satirizing. With as much noise as possible.

  • As an early, and ardent, fan of The Simpsons, I do think it has outstayed it’s welcome. Some recent episodes are either dull or sometimes shockingly not-for-kids. But one thing the show has done that little else on American TV can: presents – from time to time – classical music. Not as effective as the old Warner Bros. cartoons, but it’s something. And Marge and Homer are also better than average role models: they’re not divorced or having affairs.

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