Columbia nabs fiddle star

The hard-working Russian-American violinist Philippe Quint has moved to the heat-seeking Coumbia roster.

He will be managed by Stefana Atlas and Martin Wittenberg.

The blue jacket’s new as well. Barely two hours up on social media.

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  • Philippe is a wonderful soloist. Let’s hope Columbia can get Philippe engagements with some of the major orchestras around the world which so far have eluded him.

  • Quint has produced some of the most beautiful violin sounds ever recorded. Hopefully, this change will bring more recognition. It is well deserved.

  • Quint is a nice shiny technique with absolutely no musical depth whatsoever. Still, I’d turn up to hear him play Korngold or something that suits him.

    • Your opinion of Phillipe could have been considered valid, had you not decided to mention Korngold in a derogatory insinuation… It’s as if you would say Spinoza is too simplistic. Have a listen to his Violin Sonata (Op 6!). I dare you to try and harmonically analyze even one phrase

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