Chicago PR becomes orchestra boss

Chicago PR becomes orchestra boss


norman lebrecht

November 07, 2019

The California Symphony has named Lisa Dell as its new executive director.

Lisa, 36, is assistant vice president of the Silverman PR and marketing group.

In her pitch to California she says she founded Anaphora ‘a driver for cultivating new audience members. Since, I’ve gone on to work with every major classical music institution in Chicago and several new music organizations as well. I’ve also had the pleasure to work with Bavarian Radio Orchestra, Budapest Festival Orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra, and Montreal Symphony.’



  • Sir David Geffen-Hall says:

    She’ll have a hard act to follow.

    Plus running an orchestra is much more than doing PR.

    • Eric says:

      very true on both accounts. though she worked at a company with PR in their name, from other accounts / reports I’ve read, her experience is much more in marketing and audience building strategies, which is different and more in line with what the orchestra has done so well in recent years.

    • drummerman says:

      Quite right, Sir David. Do we know if she has fundraising experience, union negotiating experience, operations experience, education experience?

      • SoCal Peter says:

        More important is whether she has the executive experience to supervise the area specialists running the components you list. I expect good things and wish her the best.