Breaking: Philharmonia lands a principal clarinet

Carlos Ferreira of the Orchestre National de Lille has won the audition for principal clarinet of the Philharmonia Orchestra in London.

Carlos, who’s from Porto, is a former Academy player at the Concertgebouw.




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    • I think it’s just other principal post – just like in LSO, Berlin Phil, Concertgebouw and many many more orchestras. Normal system in Europe. In Philharmonia there is two principals in many sections like oboe, bassoon etc

  • His astonishing solo that distinguished one of the lesser known extracts of Swan Lake at yesterday’s matinee was a show-stopper. Great news!

    • Amazing breath control that ended in a miraculous morendo as well. It is very encouraging that an EU citizen, and a finalist at the recent ARD competition, has decided to take up a position with a British Orchestra in this uncertain will-we-won’t-we-exit limbo situation. And it is also a cap in the feather for the Philharmonia in advancing the cause of diversity.

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