Belgium slashes arts subsidies

The Flanders Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Jan Jambon wants to claw back up to six percent from major arts institutions next year and 60 percent from individual artist grants.

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    • Sadly no. The 60% cut in subsidies affects the whole arts sector in Flanders, including music (seeing as this mesure is being implémented by the Flemish gouvernement, does not affect Bruxelles or Wallonia).

      It is worth noting that Jan Jambon, the Flemish ministre of culture, is NVA – the flemish nationalist conservative , and cut funding for journalism in Flanders last week if i remember right.

  • Such nationalist parties are, in fact, populist, so their ignorance about the meaning of cultural identity and the function of culture in society should not come as a surprise. They translate the irritation of the masses about tax money going to ‘elitist hobbies’ into easy budget savings. Flanders appears to be following its example: the Netherlands, where such cuts have become tradition.

  • My fly on the wall tells me that the same political party has campaigned to have the pictured little fountain statue removed because it is supposed to present an immigrant child.

    • What’s the name of that British politician who wrote in his journal that common people don’t care if the politicians piss on them as far as they piss from a very high level? (He had this fixed idea every time he looked dow at people in the street from a very high window…)

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