Bailout: Teatro La Fenice is under water

Latest shocking pictures posted by the opera house.

All events this weekend are cancelled.

More devastation here from Artnet.

Inside, meanwhile:

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  • This is terrible, after the fires La Fenice had to endure over the last decennia.

    It seems best to demolish the city and rebuild it on a cement basis 2 meters higher.

  • What a pity!
    For me, la Fenice is the most beautiful place in the world.
    At the level of the photo taken inside, if I am not mistaken, there is (was?) notably a lovely little auditorium inspired by the Teatro Olimpico di Vincenza by Palladio. Also some rehearsal rooms and some important technical places.
    Fortunately, the main and magnificent auditorium is higher up, but the salted humidity tends to creep upstairs.
    La Fenice (The Phoenix!) will definitely need help, it’s well worth it.

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