Music director suffers seizure in concert

The Idaho Falls Symphony reports that its music director Thomas Heuser was rushed to hospital a few minutes into Saturday’s concert after suffering a seizure that affected his balance.

Orchestra players caught him before he fell and escorted him offstage.

Principal cellist Robert Tueller conducted the rest of the concert.

Heuser was detained in hospital for tests but has since been released.

Heuser, US born, is also music director of the San Juan Symphony where his wife, Lauren Avery, is concertmaster.


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  • Was it really a seizure? I had a massive dizzy spell once. It cleared up in 30 minutes, so I never went to a doctor. Pretty scary. Some people get them from migraines.

    • Yes, a very vague term possibly designed to preserve privacy. What you had suggests vertigo, and it’s possible that’s what happened, considering he was out of the hospital the next day.

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