What my Daddy does at the opera

From Zoe Brownlee:


Nailed it, says Lawrence.

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    • Why too precious? Exactly what this marvellous singer does. Reductive and uncharitable comments seem to be a specialty here.

    • If you hover your mouse’s pointer over the image and click on “View Image,” the image comes up as full size; there appears (to me at least) to be a very faint “n” penciled in.

      BTW, re: “online schools.” for 26 years I organized and presented the chamber-music performing-arts series at Thomas More College in New Hampshire (our Chauncey Devereaux Stillman Distinguished Visiting Artist was Nathaniel Rosen, who sometimes comments here). I realize that the student body was a self-selected population; but, the degree of college-preparedness of the home-schooled students was very high, on a level with brick-and-mortar, storied-history prep schools. Please don’t equate early-years home-schooling with “non-schooling.”

    • So it is, one of the needed “ns.” My apologies to that student. I’ve been reading too many online forums lately, where “no one cares about grammar.”

  • Showed this to a friend of mine who is in the chorus of San Francisco Opera and has sung with Brownlee. He also has a daughter of about the age that could have done this worksheet. He was very tickled by it.

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