Vienna airs bad boys of opera

The Vienna State Opera has announced consecutive live stream performances of Werther and Macbeth, with Grigolo and Domingo.

October 31 and November 1. It should boost their streaming platform, available internationally.


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  • Bad boys? I know it’s just an expression, but this is the stupid kind of language that minimises the harm these grown men have done. They have hurt people and (at least in some decent places) they are being held accountable for the damage they did.

    • You know what they say – “bad boys will be bad boys. ” And chicks dig ’em. Until 30 years later when the women need some money or attention. Then they play the victim.

      • Which women are you referring to? I am not aware of any claim for money, or anything else, from any of the complainants. Most of whom have elected not to be publicly identified, which negates any suggestion that they are seeking attention for themselves.

        Nonsense like this leads me to believe that there is a good reason for women remaining unidentified to the wider world. When people are moronic enough to think that unidentified people are seeking attention, what on earth would they make of people whose identities they knew?

        The people who have made complaints via the media have sought attention for one thing only — ongoing unacceptable behaviour. Which suggests that they had no other avenue for getting such behaviour curtailed.

        • You certainly know the two women who were named in the Domingo which hunt. The others who didn’t have the courage to be named are run of the mill backstabbing cowardly failures who are bitter and jealous. And once they found out how easy it is to ruin a man in this rape hysteria climate they jumped at the opportunity, like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

          • Yes, of course. Everyone in the scene knew about his “womanizing” and his groping and I know at least one baritone who didn’t want to work with him anymore because he couldn’t stand it anymore, but you know that 31 women are liars and Domingo is a little, innocent angel.
            Is it possible you’re a misogynist?

          • I’ve seen it over and over. I was the victim when I reported 2 women for payroll fraud. I have a friend whose husband was a victim when he tried to fire a woman. I know 2 men who were falsely accused of DV and one who was falsely accused of sexual assault. There are stories in the news all the time about men who have be falsely accused. It is not uncommon. One of my friends was really smart – when his bosses ordered him to start downsizing and layoff some people (including some women) he just quit his job.

            Now with metoo it’s so easy for a woman to get revenge or attention. The script for making accusations is already written for them. And just flirting with a woman or asking her out is harassment so any man can be accused.

      • What would you know about what “chicks dig”, Karl? Your hate towards females is so palpable that no woman would ever have an honest conversation with you.

      • Ah, they want some money and therefore they remain anonymously? How does one get money with not leaving a name or adress?
        Besides it’s known that it often needs years until the victim of abuse are able to talk about.
        And another information: I know three “chicks” who absolutely didn’t “dig Domingo”.
        One was a friend of mine, a young dancer in Vienna. She asked the old dresser in the girls’ wardrobe to kick him out.
        No.2 was a violinist who told him she’d give him a good kick in the private parts if he wouldn’t take his hands away from her.
        And No.3 was a bassoon who told him her husband wouldn’t only be 10 cm taller as him, but a hunter and known for being a very good shot.

    • Well, I’m convinced there’s a special hell for women who make other women’s life difficult …

      Ms McDonald tries with all her might to make the women look bad – and she uses rather stupid arguments like “it can’t be a question of security with such an old man”. Now I think she’s right in the point that Domingo won’ abuse women anymore. However to demand that women just accept that a man can become accused of abuse by no less then 31 women without any damage for his reputation or possibilities to earn money is not acceptable! It’s a slap in the face of every women who had to suffer from sexism once (and I actually hardly know one who doesn’t have experiences in this direction); it’s like saying “Well, girls, don’t be hysteric! Just accept men are like this and there’s no need to make a fuss about! You’re a human being of the second order, you’re a woman, so you don’t deserve respect and to become protected.”

      I think it’s time to make clear: We women aren’t willing to accept sexism and abuse anymore. We don’t want men just groping us because they feel like it, we don’t want to accept the victim blaming (oh, she was wearing a mini skirt and sexy underwear? That means she wanted sex and that makes her free game for every guy or what?) anymore. We expect employers to look after our security and we want a society where abusing of women isn’t seen as a kind of peccadillo!

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