Victoria Woods’s daughter wins again

Delighted to report that Grace Durham, mezzo-soprano daughter of the late comedienne, has come first in the 10th Concours International de mélodie française at Toulouse.

Grace, 27, won an early music competition in Innsbruck this summer. She’s on a roll.


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  • Surely you mean Grace Durham wins again. Recognise her as herself please.

    No need for the Victoria Woods reference. but well done for avoiding the stereotype “white English woman wins” …

  • This is getting infuriating!

    Amend the headline to “British Mezzo-Soprano Grace Durham wins again”.

    She has her own talent and she should be recognised for it in her own name!

    • Frustrating? WHAT? The title merely offers biographical context to attract interest, which, having been won, leads us to the good news item, which in no way fails to recognise Grace Durham as anything but a self-determined winner. I, for one, was captured by the fleetingly interesting biographical detail, and may have failed to read the piece otherwise. Why do we have to live in this era of obsessive, politically correct horse shit? Enter horse advocates….

  • Presumably her father had just as much to do with it as her mother. From the name, I guess he’s actually still around to see her success. Well done the Great Soprendo!

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